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Toy Fair 2013: Transformers Bot Shots and Construct-Bots

2:30 AM on 02.11.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Hasbro builds a new construction line and continues their foray into the collectible figure game market.

Back when the first live action Transformers movie was making its rounds a lot of people took to calling the new designs 'Bionicles' after the LEGO toy line. Seems Hasbro wants to let everyone know what a Bionicles-style Transformers line really would look like with their new Construct-Bots line. 

The key feature here isn't just in building a figure but also swapping parts to make your own character. Even the faction symbol is a part rather than a sticker on a random piece leaving the customizing completely up to you. Best part is that despite all of the part swapping the completed figures are still fully transformable! You start with a bare frame and build upon that, choosing parts that will decide both the looks of the bot mode and vehicle modes. 

Construct-Bots will come in four classes similar to the standard Transformers line. The smallest and simplest class is called Scout, that's followed by the Elite class which is the equivalent to the Deluxe figure scale. The largest and most complex figures are the Ultimate class, but there's also a Triplechanger class that comes with a special frame and parts that let you choose between robot, ground, and air forms. The line is supposed to launch in August. 

Meanwhile the Bot Shots collectible game line still continues to go strong. Newer figures don't just smash together and stand up into bot mode, but have new abilities such as jumping and spinning. Hasbro is also adding to their availability by making new single, three, and five packs, new launchers, and a brand new Dragon Track set. Speaking of dragons, though not labeled as such, Beast Hunters appears to be working its way into Bot Shots with a new dragon Megatron and Transformers: Cybertron Scourge figures. Cybertron also seems to be showing up again with that series' version of Optimus Prime and Dirt Boss, expanding their character lineup beyond G1 and movie characters. 

That's it for these lines. Check out the gallery and stay tuned for more Toy Fair coverage!

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