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Toy Fair 2013: tokidoki

9:00 AM on 02.14.2013 // Brian Szabelski

Everyone's favorite cactus pup is now a plush, plus there's new phone accessories

At the tokidoki Toy Fair booth, we got to see a few old friends and a couple of new ones. The newest of those happens to be the new Phonezies accessories for smartphones. Each is based on a tokidoki character and plugs into your phone via a little plastic post. Also at the booth was the DIY Stellina, which is available at most major designer toy retailers.

The lovable cactus pup Bastardino is coming to the plush world, as are Prima Dona, Donutino and Donutina. The latter two are quite a bit bigger than their counterparts in the new Donutella and Her Sweet Friends blind-boxed mini-plush series. So yes, if you're a plush fan, there's a lot to be happy about!

Also at the booth, but not in out gallery photos, were the recently released Unicornos Series 2; and a new Pullip doll with design provided by tokidoki.

Brian Szabelski, Editor-in-Chief
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