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Toy Fair 2013: NECA

9:30 PM on 02.12.2013 // Scarecroodle

A robot George Washington next to a giant monster-fighting mecha?

The variety seen in the franchises NECA has chosen to adapt is a little mind-boggling. Steam-punk alternate American history, giant monster-fighting mecha, teen vigilantes, various dystopian futures, and most recently superheroes. As such, it's impossible to know where to start talking especially in light of how much was revealed.

The biggest attention-grabbers might the "Motorized Patriot" figure (from the upcoming Bioshock Infinite), the Pacific Rim mecha, and the 1/4 scale superheroes. Of those, I suppose the freaky-as-hell Motorized Patriot figure might be the most "what I am looking at?!" as it seems like something straight out of Doctor Who. The sculpting features a great amount of detail and the paintwork is very solid. It's one of those things where I can appreciate the craftsmanship and art of figure without ever wanting to own one. 

Of course, the biggest unveil was quite literally the 1/4 scale Adam West Batman, Michael Keaton Batman, Iron Man, and Captain America. While I previously criticized the Adam West's skin as being abnormally pale, it seems like the photos on which that opinion was based may not have properly captured the color and the skin tone seems more in line with its source material. I think that the 1/4 line shows some definite promise but, out of the current roster, I imagine the only one I may buy is the Iron Man.

Pacific Rim may very well be the most awesome movie to come out this year and its figure line seems fairly cool as well. Two of the mecha look fantastic while I'm less enthused by the third's design.

In terms of other video game figures on display, we also had Atlas and P-Body from Portal 2. The new 3.75-inch Gears of War figures were on display. Team Fortress received not only a new Soldier figure (due out this Summer) but also a chess set. I've heard some mixed things about the chess set and, while I've never played the games, I do like the look of the set.

Film-wise, we also had a look at the ED-209 from Robo Cop (Drop your weapon!), the kids from Kick Ass 2, and some more Prometheus figures. And, on the Heroclix front, apparently both Pacific Rim and Bioshock Infinite will be receiving Heroclix figures. I'm not sure how the whole compatibility will work.

With so many items on display, I'd like to say that I have a hard time deciding to what I'm most looking forward. However, after seeing those Pacific Rim figures, that answer is surprisingly easy. How about you guys?

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