Toy Fair 2013: Mattel - Castle Grayskull

7:00 AM on 02.17.2013


Associate Editor

Expensive by toy castle standards, but cheap by real castle standards

Our on-site reporter, Keith, may not have been able to cover Mattel's exhibit at Toy Fair, but thankfully photos of the new Castle Grayskull are available on Matty Collector.

It's impressive that the Four Horsemen managed to put together a Castle Grayskull prototype so quickly. Supposedly the sculpting took them a little over two weeks, to give you an idea of the time and effort that goes into these things. (The painting, they joked, took about two hours.) While there will be some differences in the final model, the prototype still gives us our first real look at the Castle itself and so far it's looking good. The final proportions, while probably in keeping with the concepts, strike me as being a little smaller than I had envisioned but I do have a pretty big imagination. Even if they couldn't somehow make it bigger on the inside (via TARDIS technology), the outside still makes it look plenty large and very impressive. For those interested, you can currently pre-order Castle Grayskull for US$275. Otherwise, ToyArk has a rather large photo gallery that may be worth checking out.

Unfortunately, this about does it for our Mattel coverage. While Mattel may have had a lot of reveals, apparently our on-site reporter (code name: Keith) wasn't allowed access (apparently it's an invite-only thing?). I can tell you that some of the highlights included the new Adam West Batman line (which is going to general retail), some new DCU figures (including a Damian Wayne Robin), and the Ghost Buster Ecto Goggles.

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