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Marvel Legends swings wildly into its second revamped year

Toy Fair 2013 hasn't even officially started yet Hasbro's display should have fans pretty excited. On the Legends side, the remaining Iron Man-series figures have been shown (spoilers: it's movie Iron Patriot, Iron Man mk 42, and ULTRON!!!) and we've had a look at more of Marvel Legends wave 5 (or the second 2013 wave). That not enough for you? What if I told you that Wolverine was getting his own Marvel Legends spin-off? 

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It feels like just yesterday when we learned about the first figures in Hasbro's Iron Man-series Marvel Legends spin-off yet, given that some are reporting finding those at retail, I suppose that the identities of the three remaining figures are long overdue. Ultron, Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot, and Iron Man 3 Iron Man mk 42 will be joining the comic-series Iron Patriot, classic Iron Man, and Heroic Age Iron Man (thus completing Iron Monger). 

The Iron Man-series Marvel Legends Ultron had to have been among the most surprising reveals, mostly because the long-standing Avengers villain was something you'd more expect in the normal Marvel Legends line. However, given that Ultron is a fairly glaring retool of the Iron Man: Armored Avenger series Titanium Man, maybe it is a little fitting that he's in this line rather than the other. That said, this is probably the best 6-inch Ultron figure that we've seen so far.

While I can't say that I've been a fan of the Iron Man mk 42 armor, I'm gradually coming around. The new Marvel Legend figure looks fantastic overall. I'll admit that I'm not fond of how those red ball-joints at the hips look but it's a minor gripe. 

As far as major announcements go, you really can't hope for much bigger than a Wolverine-themed Marvel Legends spin-off. A whopping SEVEN figures were revealed: Rogue, White Queen, Sabretooth, Phoenix-Force Cyclops (all pictured above), Astonishing Wolverine, Astonishing Cyclops, and BAF Puck (all pictured below). 

The new Emma Frost seems to make up for the absolutely terrible version Hasbro released in their old Marvel Legends line (which was widely viewed as being one of the worst Marvel Legends figures ever produced). While this version may seem a little plain, at least it sports a good head-sculpt unlike its predecessor. Both Emma and Rogue seem to recycle a lot of bits from previous female sculpts (Rogue's upper torso was previously used on a Black Widow and the recent Mystique), including the sort of standard female build we keep seeing. The big issue, besides the lack of variety, is that the females will all turn out to be roughly the same height and generally too tall at that. However, it's not something that will stop fans from buying the figures as I know even I'll end up caving.

Sabretooth's mold looks vaguely reminiscent to the one used for the new Sentry. I also can't say that I care for that costume although he has a killer head-sculpt. Then we have that really awesome Phoenix-Force Cyclops which many fans may remember from the Avengers vs X-Men story-line (the one I still haven't got around to reading). Although it's probably mostly a re-tool of existing parts with a new mantle and head-sculpt, I can't help but to like the look.

The Astonishing Wolverine's mold seems to be a re-deco of the X-Force version which, if the case, means that the new sculpt will quickly become an oldy. It's still a fantastic design, though, and the Astonishing colors really work with it. The Astonishing Cyclops (which I assume will be a running change with the Phoenix Force version) doesn't wow me nearly as much although I'll admit that it's still a step up from the previous Astonishing Cyclops.

Finally we have the Build-a-Figure (BAF), Puck. Puck is the latest in a line of under-sized BAFs designed as a sort of cost-saving measure besides being a convenient slot for smaller than average characters. Interestingly, Puck seems to lack a waist joint despite otherwise having passable articulation. While I've never been a Puck fan, there's still a good chance I'd buy the entire wave since the other selections are fairly solid. Also, Puck is probably shorter than that. I just approximated the scale.

Marvel Legends wave 5 (or the second wave of 2013) also showed off some new content, most notably more variants / running changes. Bulldozer's variant sports a very neat orange outfit with a metal helmet. Hawkeye's alternate is a "modern" version which looks strangely reminiscent of the recently released Walmart-exclusive Avengers Hawkeye.

Three Shades of Jean Gray

Jean Grey comes out ahead of the rest as she's set to receive not one, but two variants. In addition to the Phoenix variant seen at NYCC 2012, the lucky (marvel) girl will also be getting an Age of Apocalypse variant. This makes three versions of Jean Grey that I'll find impossible to pass up although, honestly, I could probably just make do with the Jim Lee version. But who wants to merely make do?

The neat part about these variants is that all three sport distinctive looks. Even the head-sculpts are different although it looks like parts may be recycled (Jim Lee version & Phoenix might share the same hair, Phoenix and AoA version the same face).

The BAF for this wave is Rocket Raccoon. Prior to Marvel vs Capcom 3, I'd wager that Rocket Raccoon was a virtual unknown outside the comic community but now he's an occasionally annoying assist. Like Puck, Rocket Raccoon also has a Marvel universe figure. Rocket Raccoon's stance is surprisingly similar to that MU figure although he at least has a few points of articulation. When Hasbro announced that they would be doing smaller characters (and animal characters) as BAFs, Rocket Raccoon was probably one of the first names to come to mind. It's great that he's getting a figure but I just wish that his articulation was a little better. As far as I'm aware, he has an articulated jaw, head/neck, and arms (at the shoulder).

So, what has everybody most excited? And why are there so many cool announcements for this alone?

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