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Toy Fair 2013: Diamond Select Toys

8:00 PM on 02.15.2013 // Scarecroodle

The Infinity Gauntlet is powerful enough to open any bottle!

Diamond Select Toys was one of the booths we weren't able to cover at Toy Fair, but Zach over at DST filled us in on some stuff and even provided some photos. My favorite of the lot had to be the new Marvel bottle openers. Who wouldn't want to open a bottle with Ghost Rider's blazing skull or the all-powerful Infinity Gauntlet?

On display were:

- Marvel bottle openers (Infinity Gauntlet, Deadpool, Venom, Ghost Rider's skull, Galactus's Head, and the Punisher's Skull logo). Apparently Captain America's Shield, Silver Surfer's Board, and Thor's Hammer bottle openers are already available at specialty retailers.
- An Iron Man 3 Marvel Select Iron Man mk 42 and War Machine. Both include alternate "unmasked" heads as well as the pictured armor bay.
- Uncle Gilbert (ie, Gillman!) is joining the Munsters' Hot Rod assortment. Each figure in the assortment has a piece to build the Munsters' staircase. Very cool stuff. 
- Marvel Minimates wave 50, the fan's choice wave. Apparently Onslaught's outer armor can be removed to reveal Charles Xavier's head in Onslaught's chest.
- Marvel Minimates wave 51. This Toys "R" Us exclusive wave features Sauron and Shanna the She-Devil.
- Iron Man 3 Minimates. The two packs will include Iron Man w/ Mandarin, Iron Patriot w/ an unrevealed character, War Machine with Maya Hansen (specialty store exclusive), and Aldrich Killian with Tony Stark (specialty exclusive). Toys "R" Us will be getting two exclusive 2-packs. There will also be an exclusive box-set.
- Marvel Select Ghost Rider (2007) and Green Goblin (2004), who are both being reissued for the first time in years.
- Walking Dead Minimates series 3, which has a prison emphasis. The governor is set to appear in series 4.
- Dragon Models Project Cutaway Star Trek USS Enterprise. I guess the transparent bits show the internal workings.

Some news without photographs includes a Marvel Select Wolverine (based on the character's appearance in The Wolverine), a Marvel Select Iron Patriot (Iron Man 3), and a prototype for a Back to the Future Mr. Fusion prop replica with sounds and smoke. The new Aliens and Lost in Space Minimates also lack approved photos.

In other news, DST is bringing back the Ghostbusters Minimates line and upsizing their Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man vinyl bank so it's two feet tall. I believe that might put it in scale with the Minimates line.

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