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Toy Fair 2013: DC Collectibles - Statues

12:30 AM on 02.13.2013 // Scarecroodle


The DC Collectibles booth featured a good mix of statues. While the Man of Steel statues may have been among the newest items on the shelf, the most eye-catching was still the DC Bombshells line. The DC Bombshells line, which emulates the style of 1950s pin-up art, saw its initial two entries (Supergirl and Wonder Woman) premiere at NYCC 2012. The two are now joined by a very nice Poison Ivy. There's definitely something to like about this slightly risque but tasteful line. 

Both of the Man of Steel statues look great. There's a very strong amount of intricate detail in their armors. Also impressive is the Before Watchmen Ozymandias, whose long robe anchors him into the base and gives the appearance that he's floating. Given that the statue basically replicates cover art, it's a shame that DC Collectibles didn't go the extra step and have his base be part of the Sphinx's head.

The new 1/1 scale Power Battery replicas were on display as well. The series, which is cheaper than the previous replicas, will eventually incorporate the Power Batteries for all of the Lantern factions. I'm unsure as to all of the specs (especially in regards to why these might be cheaper; the previous versions supposedly used painted resin and were prone to chipping) but the lanterns themselves so far all look great and there's a better than average chance that I'll pre-order the Sinestro Corps Power Battery when the opportunity presents itself. So far only the Green Lanterns' Power Battery is currently available for pre-order but I imagine the ones on display will appear later in the year.

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