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Toy Fair 2013: DC Collectibles - Figures

11:00 PM on 02.13.2013 // Scarecroodle

Held on a Sunday, photos taken on Tuesday, story posted on Wednesday. And that was the end of the Solomon Grundy photos.

Statues weren't the only thing at DC Collectibles' Toy Fair booth, as the company had some fairly impressive figures on display. The most striking item on display may have been the Batman: Arkham City Solomon Grundy (pictured left) although my personal favorite is probably the Bison-esque Black Adam (right).

DCC's Solomon Grundy features a removable chest plate and heart but, sadly, not over-sized reanimation device like the one in the game. He'll be a larger deluxe figure like the previously released Killer Croc and Titan Joker, presumably also having better-than-average articulation by line standards (as well as a significantly higher price point).

The booth featured many other villains as well, most seemingly based on their New 52 appearances. The new Joker features the character in his mechanic jumpsuit, as he was teased (and I think also first revealed) in the revamp. If his face looks funny it's because he patched himself together a new one after his old face was torn off. While I don't care for the Joker's involvement in the New 52 so far, I do find myself liking the figure. 

Captain Cold received a less eskimo-ey revamp, trading in the parka for something a little more seasonable. His costume is still instantly recognizable even if it lacks some of the pizzazz. He's set to come with several ice-related accessories that reflect his new meta-human abilities. Black Manta saw a minor revamp which strikes me as being very in keeping with previous designs, although there's still something very pleasant about the change. Black Adam, as previously mentioned, looks spectacular. The design and sculpting just seems to exude power. Finally, Catwoman received a new figure.

On the hero side, the New 52 Swamp Thing figure looks nuts. Pandora is also getting what very well may be her first figure. The character was introduced during Flashpoint and is apparently enough to merge three separate timelines/realities together (albeit with the Flash's help). I know little about the character other than she makes for a great figure.

It also looks like there are going to be some superhero 2-packs. I believe that the packs will combine one previously released hero alongside a new one, such as with the Flash and Vibe 2-pack. An Aardman 5-pack featuring Batman, Robin, Superman, Catwoman, and Joker is apparently also on the way.

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