Touhou Project's Yuuka shows quesQ who she really is

Nov 19 // Jonathan Tubbs    @SuxAtGames

This unpainted prototype of Yuuka Kazami has some promise.

Griffon Enterprises isn't the only company in town that produces figures from the insanely popular Touhou Project. Though not producing at the rate and quality that Griffon does, quesQ is there as an alternative to figures from this title.

The company recently updated their event web site with an unpainted prototype photo of the umbrella wielding flower lover Yuuka Kazami. Though seen by Griffon Enterprises with a carefree smile, it looks like quesQ is going more Yuuka's darker personality based on those eyes and smile. I'm digging this so far. It's looking to be a very beautiful figure with the attention to the swaying hair and bow around her neck. Unfortunately, quesQ isn't a top company and once that color is added, it can lead to mixed results. I'm hoping this turns out to be one of their better figures because that face could win me over.

Details are scarce at the moment but I'm sure once we see quesQ's Yuuka in color, we'll learn more.

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