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Touch Detective's Ozawa Rina joining the Nendo ranks

3:05 AM on 05.30.2013
Touch Detective's Ozawa Rina joining the Nendo ranks photo

Thanks to a Tweet by GSC_Guma, I am now alerted to the information that Touch Detective's Ozawa Rina will become a Nendoroid! And who better than a Nameko to join her as a pack-in? 

As a teacher of Japanese elementary school students, I see Nameko everywhere, every day. Nameko come in all shapes and sizes, and also star in their own series of free games in which players get to... cultivate these little guys to grow into all kinds of funny characters. I've actually grown rather fond of them since I've got to keep up with the interests of my students. 

Naturally, I'm happy to report that a Nameko will be joining the adorable Rina to have Nendoroid adventures soon, noted with the now-announced Touch Detective Ozawa Rina 3 for 3DS. Check out the image in the gallery for the full graphic from the announcement.

Touch Detective's Ozawa Rina joining the Nendo ranks photo

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Good Smile Company: Nendoroid Ozawa Rina

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