Tomopop Unboxes: SOTA Toys' Saints Row 3 Bobble Budds

1:00 PM on 11.24.2011

Saints Row: The Third is a ridiculously fun game. It might not be perfect (as per Mr. Jim Sterling of our sister site Destructoid), but it is certainly merchandisable! The newest bit of merch from Saints Row: The Third is the line of new Bobble Budds from SOTA Toys that feature some of the game's important characters. They're pretty basic and you've seen them on Tomopop before, so that means they're perfect for a little unboxing video!

You can pick up the Bobble Budds for US$9.99 each normally at the SOTA Toys store, but today, they're on sale for US$5.99 as part of SOTA's Black Friday sale. Hit the jump for the full unboxing video!

[Thanks to SOTA Toys for sending along the Bobble Budds!]

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Brian Szabelski