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Tomopop Unboxes: Sonic Generations Limited Edition Box

1:00 PM on 11.23.2011 // Chris Seto

For many years, Europe was pretty much considered to be the toilet of the video games industry. We get games much later than other regions, and that's if we get them at all. Many classic games were left unreleased and us Europeans had to resort to importing such games like Xenogears (my favourite game of all time!).

Nowadays, things are much better but as a rule of thumb, we still end up getting things later than the other regions, only the wait is shorter. But we have had some pleasant surprises recently, such as the announcement of a European release of Xenoblade and other JRPGs such as The Last Story on the horizon, while the US are left wanting. Of course, I believe that this is more like a a sweetener for the region before the games companies prepare us for many more years of hurt! That would help explain why Sega of Europe decided to treat us with a rather lavish limited edition box set of Sonic Generations, the game made to celebrate 20 years of their mascot.

The box contains the game (obviously), an artbook, music CD of the various stage music in the game, a documentary on the creation of Sonic, a replica gold ring and a special figure!

Curious about it? Hit the jump for a video of the unboxing!

And there you have it. Not too shabby, really. And the game itself isn't half bad either! If you're interested in how it plays, check out the review of the game on Destructoid.

Sega crammed in a fair bit of stuff into the limited edition box so I can't begrudge them for some of their transgressions, but here's hoping that they don't go back to the dark days and hold releases back until long after the other regions get them. Or worse yet, just don't release them at all! And a console Valkyria Chronicles game would be nice, too. For now, I'll listen to the music CD (actually, just "Super Sonic Racing"), find a place for the two Sonics and enjoy a fairly decent stab at a Sonic the Hedgehog game!

Chris Seto, Associate Editor
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