Tomopop Unboxes: Luke Chueh's Bloody Valentine

Feb 11 // Colette Bennett

Vannen Watches has been teasing us about the Luke Chueh watch coming in their XL line like crazy, and we've been patiently waiting for the reveal. Okay, maybe I got mine a few weeks early, but how to keep my mouth shut until now. And it was hard to do! The pains of being a product reviewer, I swear!

Finally, the second release in Vannen's XL series is coming out this weekend, just in time for Valentine's day. Called Bloody Valentine, the release is limited to 150 pieces and each one is hand signed by Chueh himself.

Keep your eyes on and to order yours come Sunday, and check out our unboxing after the jump. Hope you enjoy it!


Colette Bennett //
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