Tomopop Unboxes: Itazura Coin Bank

Apr 21 // Colette Bennett

Not too long ago, I laid eyes on the Itazura Coin Bank thanks to a video floating around the internet and nearly lost my mind. I usually manage to stay cool in the face of novelties, but I most definitely did no such thing in this case. I flailed around, I screamed, I showed my friends, I told Japanator's readers all about it, and I basically did everything I could to draw other people into the madness.

I did plan to buy one of these, but one of my best friends in the world beat me to the punch and gave me the white one as a surprise. And I was shocked and delighted! And then I thought, hey -- wouldn't Tomopop's readers like to see a video? I bet they would. I hope you enjoy our our unboxing, and remember, if you need one of these as desperately as I did, they are in stock at Strapya again for 1,950 yen. Cheap!


Colette Bennett //
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