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Tomopop Unboxes: Gurren Lagann Chozoukei Damashii trading figures

10:12 PM on 06.26.2010

When I first laid eyes on the Gurren Lagann movie trading figs from Bandai, I was pretty much ecstatic. Not only were we finally getting a figure of Simon is his fully grown (ahem, super hot) incarnation, but we were also getting a Nia in her black costume AND one wrapped in Simon's coat. Anyone that had even a slight Simon/Nia fixation would simply pass out from the power of the heartthrob this induced. I was smitten!

Anyway, we were finally lucky enough to get our hands on them, and if you'd like to see me unbox them with great relish, hit the jump and watch the video of me doing so. If you want to try your hand at getting the ones you want, you can buy the full box here at HLJ for 6500 yen or individually through Play-Asia for $7.40 apiece. However, they're sold randomly and are blind boxed, as you'll see in the video, so you can't pick which ones you want. You'll have to hope you see them opened at a con if you have your heart set on a certain one!

And yes, I do refer to them as "Chogokin" in the video, which is totally wrong, because there is no chogokin Gurren Lagann. I pretty much made that up. There is a Chogokin Miku, though. What can I say, I was tired.

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