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Tomopop Throwback: figma R. Dorothy Wayneright

4:00 PM on 05.07.2012 // Brian Szabelski

As I mentioned in my figma Roger Smith Show and Tell, I am a fan of The Big O and I happen to also own figma R. Dorothy Wayneright. Roger's gynoid (female android) assistant, Dorothy as a very out of left field choice when I first heard they were making a figma of her. Not that I minded though, because my collection was lacking anything Big O-related at the time, and I happily picked her up when she went open for pre-order. I'd always intended to review her, but due to a long and complicated series of events, I didn't get the chance to until ... well, now.

Is she still worth hunting down, though? Hit the jump to find out!

Figure Name: figma No. 102: R. Dorothy Wayneright
Figure Maker: Max Factory
Release date: June 2011
Retail/List Price: ¥2,667 
Available at: Plamoya | Amazon

Like any review, we begin with the box. It's almost identical to Roger's, except where ever Roger and his accessories were, Dorothy and hers are instead. Same gray-scaled look, same Parliament Building backdrop.

Time to wake Dorothy from her plastic slumber.

Out of the box, Dorothy is no bigger or smaller than most of the other figmas I've come across. There's no extra joints and nothing too fancy about Dorothy when you first see her. Furthermore, it does look exactly like Dorothy as she appears in The Big O. She's in her black dress (with white cuffs, made to resemble a maid's uniform a bit), black stockings and pointy black shoes. So at first glance, for Big O fans, plenty to be happy with.  

If you're a fan of the series, then you know Dorothy is a gynoid, and as such, she doesn't really do much in the realm of expression. That's why her face, while accurate above, is devoid of any emotion. You can also see how her hair is sculpted to be that same short, angular style from The Big O, which like on Roger, is good detail.

Her alternate face ... just has her looking off to the side. Yep, gynoid emotions at their finest, folks. 

Dorothy's dress is accurate to how she appears in the show. The bottom portion is a softer, yet molded piece of plastic allowing her some flexibility. Because it's black and white for the most part, there's no real issues with paint getting outside of the lines. I'd honestly be surprised if there was much painting on the body at all.

Her joints are a bit more visible than Roger on her arms, and they do feel a little more stiff, but not especially so. She holds poses pretty well, and my only complaint is that her hands were a tiny bit loose at the wrist joints where you swap them out.

Dorothy's extra hair accessory reveals her headband hard drive, popped out from her forehead. And that's about all it does. There's a bit of detailing on the surface, which looks good, and the paint on the headband doesn't bleed over into the drive part of the piece. 

Here's Dorothy with one of her accessories, a mop! She is a servant as well as an assistant, after all. 

The end of the mop has a hinged joint on it, so you can pose Dorothy with her mop ... well, mopping stuff. It's textured a bit on the end, but not very much. The paintjob here is good, though, so that's a few things like a speckled, or dirty, look to the mop that I don't have to worry about.

Dorothy has a special set of hands that hold the mop (or anything else round of the same diameter as the mop handle). It's relatively easy to get the mop into her hand and keep it positioned there, and her wrists don't get limp.

Having mentioned it before, here we see Dorothy with her amazing mop action. The pose is similar to one on the figma box, though I had some trouble recreating the position perfectly. As it turns out, her wrists like to twist back when positioned in certain manners ... like when she has her mop and you're trying to get her in mid-mop action. After a good five minutes of figure wrestling, I finally got it to what you see above, which is about as good of a job as I could do. Oh well.

And oh, what's that at Dorothy's feet?

It's Pierrot, the cat Dorothy finds in the episode "The Missing Cat" [WARNING: DO NOT WATCH THAT EPISODE UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR SOUL CRUSHED]. It's a fitting little touch, and he's sculpted pretty well.

Doroty also has a set of flat hands for holding things, like the cat. They work pretty well and she's a stable figure, but alas, there's not much for her to use them with on her own.

Dorothy's open hand here fits the broom's length, so you can position it to make it look as if she's sweeping. I will admit that joint that lets you adjust whether her hand is up or down makes this a big pain in the butt, though. You can also tell that it's not a perfect fit, because my Dorothy didn't want to hold the post just right.

And like Roger, it works great for facepalms.

Dorothy's last extra set of hands are pointing hands, which are for pointing at stuff. They're sculpted well enough to do their job, as you can tell. Though, whatever Dorothy's pointing at in this picture, she doesn't seem to be too excited about it. 

Who's a great Tomopop reader? You are.

So, final judgment time: Unless you are a Big O fan, you're probably not going to want Dorothy. I'll be upfront about that. She's not the most exciting figma to own and doesn't come with a ton of mind-blowing accessories. If you are a fan of the series, she's well sculpted to scale, comes with everything she probably ought to come with and doesn't have any nasty surprises. Judging from the comments on my Show and Tell, quite a few of you are (and some of you also picked up Dorothy for the reasons I did), so if you get all nostalgic about Paradigm City, go ahead and grab Dorothy.

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Brian Szabelski, Editor-in-Chief
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