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Tomopop's Big Bad DesignerCon 2012 Roundup (Part 3)

7:00 PM on 11.01.2012 // Brian Szabelski

Featuring Circus Posterus, DKE Toys, Gary Ham and Urban Vinyl Daily

With two parts of our roundup already posted, you might think that we're done. That's not the case, actually; there's one more part to touch on, and here lie some of the booths with the most to talk about. That's especially true if you're a fan of custom Dunnys, The Sucklord and his bootleg creations, or the carnival of characters that come from the big tent at Circus Posterus.

Check out the last part of our Big Bad DesignerCon Roundup, and be sure to check out Tomopop this weekend, when we'll be covering the show!

DKE Toys

DKE Toys once again have one of the biggest (if not biggest) booths at DesignerCon down in #124, and this year, they've gone full Suck. That's caplitalized because this year is a very Sucklord-themed booth, though there are a few other hidden surprises:

  • The official exclusive listed for DKE Toys is a Dark Emerald colorway of Mighty Jaxx's Hell Lotus (US$135, 25 pieces), but it's not the only thing on display by far;
  • The big thing, of course, is the Suckathon. Not only are there going to be custom Sucklord figures and the retrospective there, but there will be a livestream of Sucklord's appearance on the Toy Break website from noon to 5 p.m. Pacific (3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern; 7 p.m. to midnight GMT). Attendees will also be able to pickup a 2-disc DVD set of last year's 5-hour-long Suckathon from the DKE booth for US$15.
  • In addition to the livestream, episodes 1-3 of Sucklord's web series "Toy Lords of Chinatown" will be playing at the booth all day, and I've seen tweets indicating that episode 4 was being filmed in and around New York Comic Con.
  • Bill McMullen (a.k.a. Billions McMillions) will have a special color-it-yourself poster at the show featuring Sucklord (US$25, 50 posters) that comes with 4 markers. Makes me feel a bit like I'm 6 again instead of 26.
  • As usual, DKE will have the annual Graveyard and Garage Sale at DCon, featuring all the odds and ends and extra toys you can possibly stand.
  • DKE's booth is also home to Scott Wilkowski's exclusives for the event, Mousemask Murphy (US$250, 50 pieces divided into two colorways) and the Labbit Skeleton (US$50, 50 pieces) that's based off the sculpt Scott uses for his see-through customs.

Circus Posterus

The Circus Posterus family will be at DesignerCon, and coming with them to booth #500 is quite an armada of collectibles:  

  • For Brandt Peters fans, we have the second colorway of the Stingy Jack sofubi figure (US$95; 60 pieces at the show, 120 in total) that was produced in collaboration with Tomenosuke. Based on Brandt's Toxic Marshmallow custom, this variant is black and burnt orange with a touch of blue to it. 
  • Speaking of sofubi, Kathie Olivas' Calliope Jackalope #1 (US$95, 120 pieces in total) is here! Painted with a seafoam greenish-blue color, along with shades of silver and white, it's another Circus Posterus x Tomenosuke collaboration and looking really nice.  
  • Chris Ryniak's Stinky Ginger in an "raw" unpainted green colorway will be at the booth, too (US$65, 65 pieces) 
  • Beyond that, there will be new editions of past figures, like Midnight 4-Legged and Mini Masao Skelves, Sour Peach Zombambies, Mini Zombieguts and a new critter from Amanda Spayd, Thimbleberry; and customs from DrilOne and Leecifer, among others.

[Additional images via the very useful Circus Posterus Blog]

Urban Vinyl Daily

Urban Vinyl Daily will be attending DesignerCon for the first time, and at booth #730, they'll be releasing UVD Custom Series 1, a custom 3-inch Dunny series (US$75 each) featuring pieces from: Jon-Paul Kaiser, Carson Catlin, RSIN, Fuller, OsirisOrion, Task One, Motorbot, Matt A, Frnak Mysterio, JFury, Cucaracha Borracha, Avatar666, Jeff Beck, Ian Ziobrowski, valleydweller, Cody Phillips, Scott Kinnebrew, NERVISWR3K and JC Rivera. There's also three special ticket prizes hidden inside the blind boxes: a Gold Ticket 8-inch Dunny by Task One; a Silver Ticket 3-inch Dunny by J*RYU; and a Bronze Ticket 3-inch Dunny by Davidkraig.

In addition to the Dunnys, we'll be getting Pepe Hiller's Woodkings (US$50; six available at the show, four available in Pepe's shop), who as you might imagine, rule over the world hidden in the trees. I imagine I'll want one. You'll also find Josh Mayhem's Gold Gunny customs (US$100, 3 pieces) Don P's custom Bot series, the Hell Slayers (US$75, five pieces) at the booth.

Gary Ham

Coming to us from booth #225 are the works of one Mr. Gary Ham. You've already seen one in the Sucklord talking plush, but there's more! The sofubi Wooper Looper he did in collaboration with Chauskoskis will be at the booth in a translucent purple colorway (US$65, 8 pieces), with 3 different detail variants: silver with black sprays, metallic purple sprays, and a matte deep violet color spray.

He'll also be doing some custom Monster Toytem pieces, like the Invisible Man (price will vary; Gary says the hats for the top of the Toytem will be about US$5-10, while the monsters themselves will be US$50-60), and have the regular (US$75) and Kidrobot exclusive (US$85) versions of the Toytem available.

Uh-Oh Toys

In booth #111, Uh-Oh Toys appears to have a few unique pieces, including this drippy 7-inch Munny called The Blotter from Josh Mayhem (US$250).

Bad Juju

At booth #829 is Bad Juju, who are bringing along Dripple in two versions. First is the "Kickstarter" blue resin variant, available in a run of 100 pieces at US$95 for the show (and US$135 after). The design cues of one Sket One are all over this, as it should be; he's a co-founder. Also at the booth will be a one-off purple production prototype Dripple signed by Sket that will be raffled off. 


Boombotix is a company we haven't heard a whole lot from in a bit, but they're choosing DesignerCon booth #205 as the launching point for their upcoming Boombotix Artist Series, with Sket One (who is part of the series along with DGPH and Uberpup) doing a signing at the booth. These are up for pre-order at Boombotix in wired (US$55) and Bluetooth (US$80) versions.


SpankyStokes is setting up shop this year in booth #301, and First, there's J*RYU's Vita Nova Dunnys (US$120, 40 pieces), which look a bit similar in style to his Sanctum Dunnys and, if I would guess, feature the same magnetic-clasped opening face. Just a hunch. Also at Spanky's booth will be some new customs of assorted platforms and colros from Eckotyper and Nebulon5, plus the previously mentioned Frombie x ESC Lurker.


Like the Refreshment crew, TOUMA is coming all the way from Japan for DesignerCon, and in booth #603, hr'll have some brand new stuff for sale. As reported by Vinyl Pulse, TOUMA will be previewing his upcoming Power Rangers Super Samurai vinyl figure, a batch of new exclusives and original art, custom figures, and the new TOUMA x Dokutoku460 kaiju figure (US$50, 50 pieces), which share a body but have artist-specific heads. Interesting concept! Also at the booth will be Red Pico Mao Cat keychains (US$19, 20 pieces); TOUMA x Nathan Hamill buttons; TOUMA x Thomas Han mini prints; and 10th anniversary posters. There will also be signigns with TOUMA and Thomas Han (12:30-1:30 p.m.) and TOUMA and Nathan Hamill (2:30-3:30 p.m.).

Lulubell Toys

Lulubell will be holding down the fort in booth #317, and they won't be alone: artists Kill!, Blurble, Rusted Halo and Dski-One will all be there, and they'll be bringing a wide assortment of kaiju and sofubi with them. Also of note is the Real x Head trunk sale, starting at noon Pacific, that will have some rare pieces in there ... along with some super rare ones! Everything's a one-off at standard pricing, but it's a chance for Real x Head collectors to snag that piece they're missing out on.

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