Tomopop Review: Walter Peck from MattyCollector.com's Ghostbusters line


Mattel, I love to hate you. This was not a figure that came to me easily. It's not like Mattel sends us goodies, at least yet, to make our lives easier. No sir, we have to work for our toys, and if you remember from my article two weeks ago, where I documented ordering this plastic disaster, Mattycollector.com made me practically bleed to get my mitts on their next addition in their Ghostbusters line that you see above, Walter Peck.

And there he is. More importantly, there is that containment unit that I lusted over. So was my effort worth the near hernia I had from ordering this 6-inch EPA representative, or should I have saved my money and bought Mer-Man instead? Hit the jump to read my review and find out!


Peck arrived quickly after my order was placed. I did not take a picture of this, but I do want to say that Mattel needs to seriously make some cost-cutting decisions here. It's no wonder my shipping was so unnecessarily high. Peck came in two boxes. Yes, two boxes. First, the big brown box he was shipped in. Then, an additional white box with the Ghostbusters logo on it saying this is a collectors item. Did I really need two boxes? No and no. While I appreciate them trying to protect my figure's packaging, this felt absurd to me. I am not a mint-on-card collector, so if I was, maybe I would feel differently, but two boxes just means I have to pay more for shipping on a figure that is already priced pretty high.

Above is the card that Peck was on once you removed him from his dual cardboard coffins. Nothing we have not seen before with the other Ghostbusters figures, only this time the GB logo on top was not stuck to the extruded part on top, so the icon kept flopping around in the package anytime you shook it, and trust me, I shake my figures like maracas! 

The back of the package has some neat factoids about Peck from the Ghostbusters personnel files. A few of the highlights include "Hypothesized to lack genitalia", "Fan of conspiracy theories involving nerve gases and light shows" and "Consistently forgets to use the 'magic word.'" All great in-jokes for Ghostheads like myself and still accessible enough to average fans to chuckle about. Now let's get Peck off the card!


There stands the Junior EPA Administrator, 3rd District, in all of his 6 inches of glory. Most of the body is a recycled Harvey Dent figure from Mattel's "Dark Knight" line. Only difference is Peck has his vest on while Dent had none, so that is one change at least, albeit minor. He has a ton of articulation, which impressed me, since I did not think the cold-hearted Peck could be so flexible. 



Here is his back. Nothing I need to say about that. Ladies, he has no butt, so if you were looking for that, go check out a Masters of the Universe figure. Those dudes are shredded!



Peck has a perpetual sneer on his face. A smirk that says to me, "I know what you went through to buy me and I don't care." A face that is carved to mock me from my toy shelf, staring down at me with contempt, laughing at me every night! Stop mocking me, Peck! STOP MOCKING ME!

Aside from the psychological trauma his visage has caused me, the face is nice. I was hoping he would have more of an angry look on his face, considering all the trouble he caused in the movie, but for what they gave him, I don't mind it. The likeness is still dead on to the actor for the most part, although is it me or does he kind of look like Scott Bakula here?



This is what I was waiting for and what I really spent my $32 on! The containment unit! For Ghostbusters collectors, this is actually not the first containment unit ever made, it is just the first realistic one. The firehouse playset from The Real Ghostbusters line in 1986 came with a big red containment unit that was pretty awesome and still is. However, this is the movie-accurate storage facility, and it is a beautiful centerpiece for my collection. From the lights to the rainbow wires sprouting around it like weeds, to the textured brick wall, this is what the containment unit should be. It really maintains a homemade feel like the unit was, and Mattel has done better on their accessories I think more than the faces and bodies in this line overall. 


And here she is with the trap door open! The lever to the right of the door pulls down to pop this baby open, and then you can insert your ghost trap into it, followed by closing the door and keeping it inside. As you know, when the light is green, the trap is clean!


The ghost trap that comes with Walter Peck fits into the containment unit quite spaciously, and as mentioned before, does stay in the unit when you close the door. The trap that Peck comes with is not the same trap that we saw with Winston two months ago; in fact, it is drastically different.


On the left is the trap that came with Winston and on the right is the trap that came with Peck. Winston's trap is larger and comes with a cord and pedal. The doors on it actually open and the front of it is shaped differently. Peck's trap is more streamlined and does not open at all, nor come with a cord. Thankfully, both fit in the containment unit smoothly with no shoving required. The only downside to Winston's trap is that the cord hangs out of the door, so no point in ever using it for display; just keep that with Winston and use Peck's trap with the unit.


Here are the other two 'Busters I have with the containment unit. Sadly, I passed on Egon like a fool. Not because I did not want him, I just kept putting it off last year and then he sold out (pouty face). The ghost trap Peck comes with fits in the other 'Busters' hands and looks great with the boys in brown jumpsuits. Just wish I had that Egon ... damn you, Mattel, and your unnecessary limited runs!


So, what is the final verdict? Walter Peck himself is an okay figure. Mattel was not just wise in giving him the containment unit accessory: Mattel KNEW that if Peck was not packaged with something as good as that, nobody in their right mind would spend that much money on a recycled Harvey Dent body with a new head. Keep in mind, that Harvey Dent figure is only $11, whereas Peck was $20 despite sharing almost entirely identical parts.

I can still live without the Peck figure, but I could not live without that containment unit (well, I suppose I could, but I would not be as happy). It definitely will be one of the best accessories we will see from the entire line of Ghostbusters figures, if not the best, so it validates this purchase to a degree. I am just generally not impressed by Peck. Is it worth buying? If you really want a containment unit, yes. Otherwise, I say skip this one and save your money for something else, like the slimed Peter Venkman coming out this month! 

What are your thoughts on the figure, especially if you have bought this yourself?

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