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This is what you've wanted of The Walking Dead

If you've watched The Walking Dead, you have your favorite characters. When ThreeZero, a subsidiary label of ThreeA, announced its acquisition of the license for The Walking Dead, you had in your minds visions of Rick, mostly likely Daryl, and who I want to see, Herschel. As part of the first installment of the series, we got not one but two figures. It's not the Dixon Brothers but instead Michonne's pair of zombie pets. 

It's an interesting choice for a scale figure release, especially considering the characters have no arms. ThreeZero looks to impress with a pair of highly detailed zombies. Find out if they did in today's sample review of ThreeZero's Michonne's Pets.

Figure Name: The Walking Dead Michonne's Pets
Figure Maker: ThreeZero
Figure Price: $130 each, $240 set
Available At: ThreeZero - Red - Green - Set | Entertainment Earth - Red - Green

Usually, we'd talk about the box first but that won't happen today as these are an advanced sample review. No packaging was available at the time, so right into the figures. Taking a look at the two, you'll be probably be making the assumption that they are carbon copies of one another. However, they are in fact different via their face, wounds and boxer colors. The later of which is actually how the two versions are sold.

Looking at them up-close and you'll fall in love with them. When I first took them out of the box, I was honestly a bit squeamish in how I was going to display these. The detail on the removed mandible is incredible and goes into the innards as well.

The job goes deep and detailed as you can see here. Wounds aren't exactly my cup of tea, but I can certainly tell you that they did some great work here. Also, as you may notice, there is no visible neck joint. You won't be able to move the head in any other direction but forward. 

Another shot here of the removed mandible and the neck. The skin is done with a soft vinyl, giving it a somewhat fleshy feel. It also allows for more realistic detail with the wounds than traditional plastic. The figures themselves feel organic thanks to the vinyl skin.

The wounds of Zombie Red, as I'll refer to him, detail large gashes on the right chest and left rib. Zombie Green features a large, open wound on his upper right rib and scarring on the left side. I'm glad that they've gone ahead and made them dissimilar when they could have easily phoned it in and reused the bodies. In case you are wondering, the wounds on the torso are in fact screen-accurate.

The last of the major scars would be that of the arms. Since there are no arms on either figure, that allows for the soft vinyl for the skin about the torso. The paint on the wound itself is as well done as the the torso. You won't notice it unless you're looking for it, but it's the detail that you would expect for a figure like this.

The wounds aren't the only thing that were torn up. The jeans are actual denim and scuffed up to show the wear and tear of walking endlessly through the woods. In addition, each pair is different from the other, so the scuffs are unique on each pair. For example, Green's tears allow you to see the rest of the boxer shorts and Red's the knee joint. Speaking of which, the knees themselves are double jointed, reminding you that this is indeed a poseable figure.

Even with the greatness poured into the zombies themselves, I like the bags the best. The bags are fully functional. All of the zippers are actual zippers along with each of the buckles. Even though the zombies have no arms, the bags are able to stay on, even without the buckles.

Inside the bag is another bag filled with stuffing to fill it out. Theoretically, you could hide some things in there if you'd like and it's a nice feature to have. I won't mess around with it too much, if just to keep things the nice way they are.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, then you would be impressed with the effort by ThreeZero. The pair is worth the display, but I have to admit that I'm disappointed that they don't have their master, Michonne. If she had come out before these two, I'd probably be more in love with them. Needless to say, they are great poseable figures, even if their only poseable in their legs and ankles.

They won't be available until July, so they still have time to fix things up, but to be honest, I can't really recommend any changes. While in promotional shots there were a pair of chopped-off limbs for the backpacks, but those were not included for this review. Given what we've seen here, I think that those will only add to the package.

[Thank you to ThreeZero for providing this advanced sample for review!

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