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Tomopop Review: Tekken Bishoujo Christie Monteiro

4:00 PM on 02.18.2012 // Kristina Pino

I thought the only Tekken Bishoujo Statue I was excited for was going to be Alisa Boskonovitch, but it looks like Kotobukiya managed to make me fall in love with Christie Monteiro, despite knowing little to nothing about this butt-kicking capoeira fighter.

I know, I know, some of you folks had problems with her pants being turned into, well, just the pant legs, but it isn't too far a departure from her regular outfits going by some Google image searching. She's got some great movement and a strong sculpt -- what could go wrong? Hit past the jump and see! 

Figure Name: Tekken Bishoujo Statue Christie Monteiro
Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
Retail Price: US$59.99
Available at: Koto US

box monteiro

Christie's box is different from what we're used to seeing with the comic Bishoujos. It's black instead of white, and she's got a cool fiery design as the backing insert. The back of the box has the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 logo on it as well as a little picture of the next fighter entering the play field, Alisa Boskonovitch.


Once you take her out, you'll see that she's attached to a clear base, but there's a second, smaller insert you can put under it with some decals. I didn't go through the trouble of putting that bit together for this review, and I'm glad to see that she balances well without the extra plastic under her base.

full body monteiro

Now let's get her in her full glory. What jumped out at me immediately was the lovely tones of her skin, from color to musculature, and of course the movement in her pose. She's getting geared up to throw a kick at someone and is mid-turn.

torso monteiro

Around her waist, she's got this purple belt on with those baubles at the end that add a nice, extra splash of color to the ensemble. You could also see her skin pudging out at the waist, which I love.

side boob

Of course, what are most accentuated in the two images above are her breasts! One of the issues folks seemed to have is she's wearing this top that doesn't seem to work and her breasts are only barely covered by it. The style of the shirt seems right for the character, and while something like that probably wouldn't work in real life, it looks very attractive to me, here. Her breasts have a natural shape to them and are not completely blown out of proportion.

The paint job is nice and clean, though you could see a slight, invisible to the casual glance seaming or molding issue with her pudge there at the waist. Deal breaker? Nope.

back monteiro

Her back is a whole other story. It's so well sculpted and shaded! I usually have issues with figures that have a lot of muscles and whatnot because the shading ends up looking like a bad spray-on tan. This is a job well done, though.

back 2 monteiro

Of course, we can't forget about the butterfly accentuating the ensemble from behind, either. It has a nice, delicate look to it and some green pendants hanging from it matching her arm bands.

Monteiro butt

It wouldn't be a review without mention of butts! Christie has been endowed with one of the most glorious butts I've examined to date. Seriously, butts like this make me love this gig. It certainly brightened up my day on Thursday when these images were taken. I mean, just look at that!

legs Monteiro

Moving further down, let's examine her legs. The pants have a great metallic look to them while still looking like material in motion. The work here, again, is nice and clean, and we can also appreciate that the bands are tight around her legs here, too.

feet Monteiro

Now we've made it to the bottom... here's a look at her feet. They're simple, just feet. I'll admit, the foot that's screwed on to the base looks almost claw-like, but considering her skills, I wouldn't be too surprised with the many things she could do with them.

Monteiro hair compare

hair Monteiro

Before we get to her face, let's take a quick look at her hair. It's not as voluminous as the other girls since she's got it pulled back and all that, though it doesn't make it any less attractive. The clear PVC is in use here at the ends, and it adds to the overall dynamic feel of the figure.

top of the head Monteiro

My only complaint is, while the top-of-the-head seam is well hidden, the ponytail seam is not. This isn't much of an issue since you generally won't be looking at her from above, but hey, I thought I'd mention it.


Again, I'm leaving the face for last. No, I don't have any problems with it. If anything, I see it as an improvement from the official art! In the artwork, she looks a bit more surprised and playful than she does in the execution, which turned out to be more focused or determined.

face monteiro

It is a little difficult to get decent photos of her face because of how she's got it turned down. The only thing she's got accentuating it are her lovely pink lips, which is great. Another Bishoujo escapes the clown make up! She doesn't need any to be gorgeous.

Also seen in the images above is a minor seaming issue with her shoulder and side. Again, not a deal breaker.


This Bishoujo figure surprised me. Her body is so incredibly well sculpted, and the paint job is sublime. It's not just about having a tanned figure, because that in itself is great, but there isn't any over-shading that detracts from the overall effect. I have no real complaints about the figure in terms of its design or execution. A fan of the character who is of the mind that she's showing a little too much skin might disagree with me, though.


Honestly, though, she's definitely worth picking up. I'm not even much of a Tekken fan (though recently I was turned on to the series by the recent movie, which I reviewed for sister site Japanator), and I'm more than happy to have this on display. Again, it only makes me even more excited to get my hands on Alisa, one of my most anticipated Bishoujo figures of the year.

Be sure to check out the gallery for more images which weren't included in the main body of this review, and thanks as always to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with these wonderful samples!


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