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Tomopop Review: Tekken Bishoujo Alisa Bosconovitch

4:00 PM on 05.19.2012 // Kristina Pino

Of all the figures we end up reporting on all the time, you know everyone's got a small handful that they look forward to most for the year. The first big release of 2012 that I've been most looking for is definitely this lovely number, miss Alisa Bosconovitch of Tekken fame as illustrated by Shunya Yamashita and modeled by Busujimax, who also worked on Christie Monteiro of this same line (reviewed), upcoming Asuka Kazama and even Mass Effect 3 Liara.

Now that I've got her in front of me, how does she shape up? Click through to read my review.

Figure Name: TEKKEN Bishoujo Statue Alisa Bosconovitch
Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
Retail Price: US$64.99
Buy at: Koto US | Entertainment Earth

alisa box

Let's get this box thing out of the way. It's actually the last thing I photographed, and you'll notice she's not in it if you look at the other shot I have in the gallery. Alisa's box is pretty big, but it has to be since her jet pack takes up a lot of space behind the actual figure, not to mention her top is flowing outwards around her sides and back.

full front and back

Once you pull her out of her plastic prison, though, she's mostly ready to go! Her leg is screwed on to the base, and you've got three choices for base deco discs. One of them has the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 logo, one has Mr. Harada's signature and the last one is the logo together with a picture of Alisa (image of the decals can be found in the gallery). For the purposes of this review (and for my general aesthetic) I didn't use any of them.

sides full

Alisa is vibrant and dynamic all by herself. Though some folks might complain that Shunya took too many liberties with her outfit and made her all skimpy, when I look at her the only major differences I see (besides the flowy-ness of her top) are that her shorts were changed for a thong and her stockings aren't just plain black. I personally don't take issue with this and feel that it is tastefully done, but I can understand if this is a deal-breaker for the hardcore fan. Just remember, she's a robot and can kill you in two seconds.

front trunk

Let's take a look at her trunk first. The style of her top is much the same as her original outfit, but with added decorative studs, a butterfly in the front and a small camisole underneath to cover up her bust a little. The stitching detail looks nice and the paint is overall clean. We've got a view of her belly here as well, and you can see the shading and molding is about as natural as a robot spy/killing machine can be.

Not viewable in the image above, but you might notice in later pictures, is the busted seam line along the sides of her breasts where the top layer of her shirt (the part with the straps) is attached to the lower layer (the part that flows outward). It's not apparent on the shelf, but it'll look botch-y in the images. Hell, I didn't even notice them until I saw the pictures.


Looking at her belt and thong, she's got this chain hanging off one side and blue roses on the other. The belt helps with the seaming as well, which I can always appreciate. Again, the paint job here is nice and crisp, and you can also see here the lacy top of her stockings which are nicely detailed. Let's take a look at her booty before we continue with the stockings, though:


Bam. Dr. Bosconovitch must be a butt kind of guy, because this one is fantastic. Need I say more? I love the shape of it.

Alright, back to our regular programming. The stockings:


These are cute and striped pink and purple to match the overall motif of Alisa's outfit. I like the change from her plain black stockings! They're molded to look more like cloth and less like a painted decal over her legs, and you've got the ribbons keeping them from falling.


Her boots don't appear to have been modified, but it's just as well. The blue jewel on them match the stud on her belt and the blue detail on the butterfly, so it all comes together nicely.


Here are the details of her top (back) and the jet pack. It doesn't necessarily look "stuck on" but it isn't bursting through her clothing, either. I'm sure she's got some kind of trick to it. As for her top, it's kind of satisfying how it billows out like that. So pretty! Here's another look at that:

aerial view

side shirt and jet back


Her jet pack has some minor botching with the paint, but it is easily overlooked on the shelf. It's also easier to see in the second image how it's pretty dang flush on to her back, so we don't have any weird effects here. The cloth itself is molded very simply, but the color gradient is nice. I like how the ends look with the transparent PVC. Nothing too fancy, but the overall look is great.

hair flowers

Moving back up to her head, let's look at these flowers. They're cute; just there. If anything, the clip isn't quite rounded enough to look like it's resting on her hair or anything, so some might say it looks kind of awkward.


Alisa has a sweet face with these cute little lips in bright pink lipstick and no other make up. Her hair is completely molded in the transparent PVC and in two tones, which came out overall nice and also helped to "hide" the seam on her head. Her eyes are the only troubling point of interest, as I know a lot of folks aren't fans of the enhanced waterline on these Bishoujo figures. Alisa's eyes also look a bit bigger than normal eyes should, but then again, she's not human to begin with so I let that one go a long time ago.

The waterline/pink-eye look doesn't bother me too much for the same reasons, though I think it detracts just a little from what would otherwise be a brilliant green pair of eyes. Her eyes are definitely green (see image below), no doubt about it, they just don't always "pop" out at you depending on how you're looking at her face.

alisa pink background

Alisa looks great from all angles and she doesn't disappoint in overall quality. I think she's everything a video game statue needs to be: colorful, happy-looking, posed dynamically, and built to last. I don't feel she'll ever lean, and on the subject of dynamic posing, it looks like she's just landing after a flight. Maybe she was carrying her buddy Xiaoyu around town before this pose was snatched for an illustration.

Alisa and orchids

Barring any issue you might have with the changes made to her outfit, I'd say this figure is a definite buy, even for folks that aren't necessarily familiar with the character or Tekken series. As a statue of a female, I think she's gorgeous. It portrays her usual kind and cheerful demeanor perfectly, which is another plus whether you're a fan or not.


A big thanks goes to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample! Be sure to check out the gallery for images that didn't make it in to the main body of this article, including detailed looks at her stockings, hands and more.

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