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At the beginning of the year, Alter's male line of figures, ALTAiR, released their first Tales series figure from the popular title Tales of Vesperia. The hero Yuri Lowell (reviewed) was well received by figure collectors for the company's second figure in this male only line. Yuri would not be along, though. Alter also released the yang to his yin, Flynn Scifo.

This 1/8-scale figure would be widely different from Yuri since he is an Imperial Knight. Dressed in pure armor with bright, blonde hair, it's evident that Flynn is the opposite of the dark hair and dark clothing of Yuri. Being the opposite, would this handsome gent also be in the opposite in terms of quality? That's a silly question to ask. It's Alter and it's going to be mostly praise for the figure.

Hit the jump and see exactly why this is a welcomed addition to the world of male figures.

Figure Name: ALTAiR Tales of Vesperia Flynn Scifo
Figure Maker: Alter
Retail: ¥6,800
Available at: Hobby Search


Flynn's box is a pristine white, just like his armor, character and underwear. Well, I hope his underwear is but what with his cooking being deadly, let's just assume it is.

Just like Yuri, and for consistency, Flynn's box follows the same style with the window showing the entire from the front and most of him from the back and side. Really like the design of this one and makes it quite attractive when on the shelf. 

An interesting (and swanky) design choice by Alter is how they did the box for each character with the main color of each box being the color of the character's clothing (and character if you think about it). They're also designed to where you can place them side by side in any way and they will mirror each other. Pretty cool for those who like to keep their figures in the box.


Just like the Yuri figure, Flynn includes the same base style. There's nothing fancy about it. In fact, it makes me think of plate you would find in some kind of play set. The real treat about this base, though, is the fact that you can connect it with Yuri's base allowing you to admire the beauty of the two boys.

Flynn includes his sword which can be unsheathed from his scabbard. Not exactly sure why as you can't detach the scabbard and Flynn can hold his sword in only one way. And that's partially inside the scabbard.

It's a bland sword with no features that make it stand out. So maybe it is a good thing that it's mostly covered. There's not much to look at.


We all know that the real eye pleaser, anyhoo, is Flynn himself. This 1/8scale figure stands like a true, proud Imperial Knight as he unsheathes his sword. It's a pose the really fits his character. And, cripes, just look at how pretty he is!


Flynn's head mold is well done with the layers of hair folding left and right over the rest of his hair and face. Interestingly, it's a similar hairstyle that comes close to Tales of the Abyss' Guy Cecil, whom Flynn is sometimes confused with.

The eyes are sharp and follow that of the in-game anime style rather than Fujishima Kousuke's (Aa Megami-sama, Taiho Shichauzo, Sakura Taisen) style. I can't get over the fact that he has thick eye brows. So used to the thin ones you see on the female figures. Well, unless you're Kotobuki Tsumugi of K-On.

Looking at Flynn's face from the side, it has a very handsome shape to it and gives you a better idea of his facial structure. Hint, folks: he's pretty.


What may have you folks swooning over Flynn, besides his good looks, is his armor as can be seen here with the gauntlet and spaulders. The deep etchings and all the parts that make his armor are accounted for in this mold. Even the bolts give it that extra bit of attention to detail. Another thing that makes it stand out is the glossy finish on it that is easily noticeable when compared to the "cloth" parts of his uniform.

However, there is a problem with the pose. Just like how Yuri's pose hides his Blastia, Flynn's covers his chest blocking the view of Iron Man like crest on his chest. This can only be seen from awkward angles or if you remove his arm when equipping him with his sword.


From the back and side, you can get another good look at the features of his armor. I'm very impressed in the work on the fingers of the gauntlets. Hands are something that's either a hit or miss with figures and Alter did a superb job on this one. Especially one that's wearing armor.

Unfortunately, there is some rough paint work on the white trim of the insignia. Good thing it's on the back of the figure because it's a rather obvious here when you look at it.


The lower body you can see more of the cloth portions of his uniform as well as the folds from him stretching as he draws his blade. I'm a fan of folds and it looks fabulous on Flynn. Very natural looking. This view also gives you a look at the triple buckle belt used to hold the scabbard.

Again, I want to point out the work on the armor and fingers for Flynn. Simply wonderful looking.


The waist has his uniform stops over his cuisses (thighs) with a split at the end. It's a somewhat unexciting area with little detail to really note. The waist does have the bulk of his scabbarded with more thinly painted lines to fill the gaps. You know, I never did get a chance to look up his skirt ... I'm sure it's disappointing.


Pass the boring thighs are the wonderful looking greaves (shins) and poleyn (knees). Though they lack in color, they make up for it in design and detail. The same applies to the sabaton (feet) and the detail put into the bottom of the feet. I really like how all the pieces come together on this figure.

The 1/8-scale figure is not the only attraction for Flynn. Just like the Yuri figure, Flynn includes a super deformed figure done in the same style as the plush accessories found for Repede. Unlike Yuri, though, Flynn actually includes a mini sword, shield, and scabbard. I did have some trouble getting Flynn's scabbard attached to his belt. The material is thin and rubbery so it kept bending making it difficult to get the peg for the shield go in the hole.

I love how squshiness of these figures and find Flynn's frowning face to be most amusing. One of the other things I enjoy about this mini figure is that it attaches to its stand's prongs from the whole it its feet. Something I would love to see on Nendoroid Petit figures.

It's no surprise that Flynn turned out to be an excellent figure. Alter is serious about its male line of figures and it's showing which is very much welcomed. With the character decked out in armor, he turned out excellent. Though I'm a fan of Yuri, I have to say Flynn is the better of the Vesperia boys by Alter.

Though I don't own either boys, being able to review them has me determined to buy the recently announced Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss. If you are a Tales series fan, it is highly recommended that you do not pass up any of these figures from Alter.

Once again, thanks to my best friend for loaning me her figures for this review.

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