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Hard work and guts pays off!

One of my 'holy grail' figures is Bandai's Soul of Chogokin Gunbuster. It's a big, hefty figure that does a great job in capturing all the great things about Gainax's classic giant robot. The problem is that it was released in 2006 for ¥19,000 and quickly sold out. Now, you'd be lucky to find it for less than ¥25,000, if you can find it at all.

Lucky for me, and for other fans of the Gunbuster, Bandai has remade the Gunbuster as part of their Super Robot Chogokin line. While it doesn't have the sheer size and the amount of accessories, it's a damn fine figure that deserves a place in your collection. Hit the jump to find out more!

Figure Name: Super Robot Chogokin Gunbuster
Figure Maker: Bandai
Retail Price: ¥5,800
Available at: Hobby Link Japan 

Nice, dynamic box here. It's got a lot of energy and has the Gunbuster posed in its legendary Inazuma Kick. I doubt you'll be missing this box on a store shelf.

Out of the box, this is what ya got. Like the Alteisen (reviewed) and the Weiß Ritter (reviewed), the Gunbuster is a solid figure. I mean it, you can feel the heft when you pick it up. The weight is properly distributed so you can pose it with ease. Good thing too, as there is no base provided in the box. Normally I'd be pretty annoyed, but the Gunbuster seems to be able stay balanced without a problem.

Moving to the back of the figure, take note of the joints on the shoulders, arms and knees. This guy has been designed to be moved around and posed with ease. Unlike the Gunbuster Revoltech (reviewed), which suffered from the limitations of the Revoltech joint, movement is fluid and stays locked in place.

Next, let's take a look at Gunbuster's accessories.

First up is the Buster Home Run. While not seen in the anime, it's mentioned in a radio drama and is part of a pretty amusing attack in the Super Robot Wars games. Two bats come in the box, so I guess you got a back up in case you're particularly rough with your accessories. That or if the Gunbuster has do some, uh, "rough" work on your shelf. Be aware of any figures with self-defense wounds!

Anyway, onto the next set of accessories. 

That's right, this guy comes with the parts to recreate the Buster Collider! Used to electrocute some rather aggressive Space Monsters, the arms and legs of the Gunbuster open to expose a set of some rather large prods. That's recreated here with an alternate set of arms that come with the prods already extended.

As for the legs, the prods come attached to two plastic rings that connect after you remove a pair of panels. While it seems easier than removing the arms, it is in fact quite a pain. On top of being a tight fit around the calf, the prods keep falling off. They are attached via small pegs to the plastic ring, so they have a tendency to get jostled off. I suppose it is better that having them brittlely attached and increasing the chances of permanently breaking them, but it is annoying having to keep putting them back on.

Finally, we've got my favorite accessory of the package...

From the last episode of the OVA, we have the Gunbuster's exposed chest and attached to those veiny-looking cables...

...the Gunbuster's still beating heart, er, degeneracy generator. The exposed chest is a separate metal piece that replaces the normal chest. You carefully pull out the grey and orange plate, push this one in and voila! The cables and generator plug into the chest and easily hook into the hand, as seen above. Once you got that done, all you gotta do is pose the sucker and...

...brace for GUTS and MANLY TEARS. It's the highlight of the package for me, but that may just be my love for the finale of the OVA.

Besides a couple of small treads for the Gunbuster's feet, that's it. Yep, the Gunbuster is pretty light on the accessories. Although it has some nice ones, it's no where near as full of extras as the original Chogokin. No transforming, no missiles, no cape, no way to recreate the Inazuma Kick which, as you might remember, is on the cover of the box. That is disappointing. Then again, you are paying only a fraction of the price. 

If you're a fan of the original Gunbuster OVA, or really just a fan of robots in general, I'd definitely recommend picking up this bad boy. Just know that you aren't getting a ton of accessories with it.

[A big thank you to Hobby Link Japan for hooking us up with the Gunbuster!]

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