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Tomopop Review: Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI Tarutaru Trading Arts Mini Figures

9:00 PM on 04.27.2010 // Rio McCarthy

I am such a gigantic nerd for all things relating to the Final Fantasy universe, it doesn't matter how big or small. It's especially good that size isn't an issue with these adorable little Tarutaru Trading Arts Mini Figures! If you've played Final Fantasy XI these will be especially familiar to you, and if not, you're going to meet them now!

Hit the jump to see Square Enix's adorable Tarutaru trading figures!



As you can see our little friends are just so cute sitting in their window box. I like that you can see just what you're getting with these sorts of boxes, and the back is just plain cute as well. It gives the names of each of the Tarutaru, and starting from left to right we have: Ajido-Marujido, Star Sibyl, Shantotto and Robel-Akbel.



Here the Tarutaru lie in their plastic home and are ready to bust on out of there and have some fun!



Our little friends were very happy to get outside and took some time to see the sights. These figures range in height from a little under 2 inches tall to about 2 1/2 inches tall, and fit right in your collection alongside the previous sets.



The details are just phenomenal in this set, especially for how small they are. It's great to see how nicely the outfits and facial expressions can be done in such tiny form. The bases are also easily removable, as they just stand on one or two tiny clear pegs depending on which figure it is.



As you can see above, the transition from in-game character to figure turned out beautifully! The in-game images as seen from FFXIclopedia show just how detailed the original characters were to begin with.



Ajido seems as though he's a very timid and serious business Tarutaru, while Shantotto seems a bit more fun loving and happy. Granted I suppose being a Minister of Windurst's Orastery would make you bound to be a bit more serious.



Star Sibyl is the Tarutaru leader of Windurst and seems to be a very laid back and cheery individual, although not just anybody can see her. Robel is a very gloomy and serious Tarutaru, but he happens to be my favorite. He was a Warlock Warlord during the time of the Crystal War, and I'm sure he has quite the amount of stories to tell.



As you can tell, they really aren't very big, and easily hid in the grass. If you're not careful they could easily be lost, the sneaky little buggers.



Ajido and Star Sibyl played hide and seek in the grass for a bit, while the others went on to explore other areas.



Robel-Akbel was the loner of the group and decided to stay by himself by the rocks so he could do some thinking of his own without being bothered.



Shantotto of course went about her happy ways and brought the group over to the flowers where they gathered together and chatted for a while. All of them are just so cute I can't get enough of them. Who wouldn't want their own little Tarutaru army?



You can pick up your own set of four Tarutaru through Big Bad Toy Store now for $24.99 or presumably through the Square Enix store before long. I would definitely suggest them, especially if you're a Final Fantasy fan. They've brought a smile to my day, that's for sure!

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