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Sep 25 // Kristina Pino    @kriskitten

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Princess of the Crystal figures always look rather impressive because of that outfit of hers. It tends to, you know, take up more space than the lonesome figure normally would. And in some cases (like with the figure we're looking at today), even more so since the dress is billowing outward behind her. I definitely expected to be surprised when I received this particular rendition.

Hit past the jump and see if you might be surprised, too, and hopefully in a good way.

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Figure Name: Princess of the Crystal (Premium Figure)
Figure Maker: SEGA Prize
Retail: ¥1,550
Buy it at HobbyLink Japan

The box doesn't have any windows. At first, I did think this was a bit strange, but then I opened up the package and saw why: she needs to be assembled. Now, you might look at this tray here and think it'd be a breeze. But:

Honestly, this is what the "assembly" resulted in for me most of the time. It was a royal pain to get her to come together, and a bigger one to keep her together while I handled this review shoot. Once on the shelf, she's fine — as long as you aren't moving her around, you don't need to worry about her falling to pieces. Until then, though, beware!

Once assembled, she looks rather nice. Her dress is held up by this plastic stand thingy with stars on it, and if positioned correctly her shoes should naturally rest on the ground and keep her balance. There are two separate pieces making up the ribbons and bow over her dress, which were kind of tough for me to wedge in.

The ribbons have to be slid between her dress and hair first, then you have to match the notches on. The big bow goes last and attaches to the end. It's heavy, so mine fell off several times.

Besides these little hitches with the assembly, I don't really have anything negative to say about the figure. Promise! Let's take a look at various points of interest, starting with her shoes and working our way up:

Her shoes are just plain black boots with a little shine to them, and end up at her mid-thigh. The detailing is nice, particularly where you see here at the ankle with the wrinkles and the realistic heel and platform below the foot. Yay!

Once you get up here, you've got this white leotard bottom type thing with her vest and the beginning of ruffles that go all the way to the back of the skirt. Right, and she's got a ruffly bandana/scarf sort of thing on as well that adds a little more volume to the overall effect.

From what we're seeing here, the overall paint application isn't shabby at all. It helps that her color scheme is rather simple and the mold is nice and detailed, so Sega has produced a solid piece of work here. Even her dainty little hand here is nicely molded and set with pink nail polish.

Of course, she's got her emperor penguin cap on and the yellow bits that come out of it are part of the assembly as well. They pop in rather easily, though, and you can hardly tell it's a separate piece since there's some frill there. The hat itself has an almost perfect paint job (I only notice a tiny bit of sloppiness with the black paint on the jewel at the forehead); nothing to complain about here.

Her hair has this pastel pink/mauve shade to it that is rather nice, and it goes nicely with the bandanna and her purple eyes. It matches well with the pastel yellow look of the hat's tails, and apart from the hair I wanted to show off the detail at the ends. Nice and clean.

Finally, we get to her face. Princess of the Crystal has a calm expression on, and my attention is mostly drawn to her eyes. Once again, great molding and application here. There's a lot to be said about those eyes ... she could be simply calm and monotone, or more expectant and demanding. I honestly haven't watched Mawaru Penguindrum, so I'm not entirely sure what her demeanor is like — though I'm leaning towards expectant. With her hand reaching out as it is, it's like she's waiting for someone to hand something over.

Miss Princess of the Crystal is a beautiful figure, and Sega really outdid themselves here. For the price, you really are getting a nice big piece that will stand out, and thanks to HobbyLink Japan one of you Tomopop readers will be getting this as a prize soon!

Check out the gallery for additional images which didn't make it into the main body of this review, and check out our September contest for a chance to win this figure for yourself.


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