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S.H. Figuarts Vegeta

Tomopop Review: S.H. Figuarts Vegeta

4:00 PM on 07.02.2013 // Rio McCarthy

Can a scouter make all the difference?

Well, well, well... Look what the cat dragged in! It just happens to be my favorite Saiyan from Dragonball Z! The S.H. Figuarts Vegeta Saiyan Saga version arrived at my door, and I couldn't be more excited to take photos and get a review in of this guy. Growing up he was my favorite character, until Trunks came along, then there was a tie, but I digress. I always loved Vegeta, so getting to review a figure of his first arrival into the series was very exciting for me. Heck, his first death was the first time I'd ever cried during an anime as a kid!

After hearing that, I obviously had high hopes! Did this figure live up to those hopes, or was it a total disappointment? Let's wish on the Dragon Balls that he lives up to the excitement! Hit the jump to find out.

Figure Name: S.H. Figuarts Vegeta (Saiyan Saga ver.)
Figure Maker: Bandai
Price: ¥3,500
Available At: AmazonAnime Island


We'll start with the box, as always, which looks a great deal like the original S.H. Figuarts Vegeta (Super Saiyan ver.) that was released a good while back. There is a cool screentoned image of Vegeta on the front/side of the box in the light and dark blue tones. There is also a window on the front of the box where you can see the figure itself, and there are images on the back that show a few of the poses Vegeta can do.


Here he is still halfway in that plastic prison of his, but you know that won't last long with his stubbornness. He comes with three extra faces, eight extra hands, as well as a pair of crossed arms, an extra tail, a scouter and two energy blasts, along with his base. Everything was packaged very well, and there wasn't anything slip-sliding around.


Straight out of the box his attitude is very apparent. His strong thighs are very well sculpted, and move quite well considering his armor. The flaps of his lower armor do move around, so it helps to keep it so he's less restrained in his movement.


O-Oh... Well, apparently Vegeta didn't like me messing with his armor, because I just about got a swift punch to the nose.


There's the Saiyan Prince we know and love! His figure gives off such a strong demeanor, even if he is a shorty. Ack! Sorry, I about got punched again. I mean, he's fantastic just the way he is. Sorry, Vegeta.


Let's change out from his standard face, shall we? This is actually a shot of my changing his actual hair as well. There are two pieces for the back of his hair. In the photo on the left, above, the piece of hair on the right is the one that has an extra little slot by where the ear would be for the scouter to rest into. Besides swapping out that piece, the faces are fairly easy just to pop into place.


Here we have the pieces for his base. The top piece you'll need to pop out the two "arms" for the claw part of the base, and place them on the small "Y" piece that's sitting on the large area of the base. Once you get that part done, you can attach any of the longer arms to be able to fit Vegeta, or his energy blasts.


I love this face! He looks so commanding when this one is in place, especially with the scouter. Let me tell you, that scouter is NOT the easiest thing to get into place. I've read that I am far from the only person to have this issue, and some people couldn't seem to use it at all on their figures. You have to be very particular with getting it into the tiny slot, and it's very easy to knock off when you're posing the figure. Unfortunately, this face did have a few tiny light paint specks in his hair. They're not bad from afar, and I'm sure they're not on every figure, but it showed up extremely well in this photo.


I will admit, I'm not a fan of the claw-style base, if only because there are no locking mechanisms to get it to stay in place. Once you get it balanced to hold him, it's fine, but don't expect to be able to move it around much without him falling out. However, this pose is definitely one of my favorites!


This is another of my favorite poses. I love how angry he looks when crushing the scouter. Bandai did such a great job with the sculpting on this entire figure. I love that vein popping angrily out of his forehead. The blue-ish shading on the figure looks really nice as well, and it really fits with his color scheme.


Here we have the energy blasts in action. They're not the easiest things to get photos of, but you can get the idea of how they work. You put them both on the long arms, and put the pegs into the base. This is also insanely hard to get balanced, because if you put Vegeta on the far right, it will definitely have the tendency to fall over. These are some of the best energy items I've personally gotten with a figure so far, though.


Well, well, Vegeta... It seems you've lost your head! Actually, this was a regular occurrence for me. I found his head incredibly hard to get completely onto its ball joint, and then even when I thought I had gotten fully on, it would come loose and fall off. This happened to be the best post it could have ever fallen off during.


Here's what we were really going for! I will admit that face actually makes me laugh really hard. I'm sure he's supposed to be straining in a fight, or powering up, but it definitely looks like he might have taken a trip to the bathroom as well. I'm obviously, like... two, because it made me laugh like an idiot while taking photos of it.


Now for another one of his accessories, which I found pretty cool. You can actually swap out his tail! Instead of just having it wrapped around him, there is one you can swap out that has it swaying out wherever you pose it.

That smug face makes for yet another of my favorite poses, and this may very well end up being how I keep him on my shelf. I love his tail swaying out to the side and this crossed arms set you can swap out. You can push his shoulders up a little more, which after looking at this photo, I'm definitely going to do so.


Of course, I had to take time to pose him among some of my other Vegeta figures. I have the Super Saiyan version of the S.H. Figuarts, but I can definitely say if you can get your hands on this scouter version, I love it even more. I've always preferred the black-haired Vegeta, as opposed to the blonde Super Saiyan, so it might just be this girl's silly preference look-wise, but as a figure it's far more awesome than its predecessor.


So, all in all? I would absolutely suggest you buy this version of Vegeta. The sculpting and painting is extremely well done, and he poses very well. The stand is always something I'm not a big fan of, but you can make it work. There are far more positives to this figure than negatives, so if you're at all a fan of Dragonball Z, Vegeta, or just awesome figures - pick this one up! They have recently gone back in stock at Amazon, so get your hands on it for US$47.96 while you can!

[ A huge thank you to Bluefin Tamashii Nations for sending us this review sample! ]

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