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Big, red and pretty.

Have you ever thought about picking up a Robot Damashii figure, but you have never really seen how one looks up close and personal? Well, you should check out Char's Sazabi based on his robot from Char's Counterattack. It might not be superbly detailed as a Master Grade model, but it is sturdy and very easy to pose. Also, there is something fun about pulling a fully assembled very cool robot out of the box without having to assemble one!

Hit the jumps for the full details, including an upskirt shot of this giant robot!

Figure Name: Robot Damashii: Sazabi
Figure Maker: Bandai
Retail Price: ¥5000
Available at: HobbyLink Japan

I was preparing myself to head into work this past Friday morning when the doorbell rang. Yep, you guessed it; a nice postal service worker came to drop off my package from HobbyLink Japan!  It was a nice, big box! I couldn't wait to get home and see what was inside.

Included in the box was this very cool Robot Damashii Sazabi. I always wanted a large, red mech to add to my collection and this one has some nice history behind it because it is piloted by my favorite classic villain, Char!

The box is really large as you can see. I placed my Robot Damashii: Heroman statue next to it so you can get an idea of the full size of it. 

On the back, you can see photos of the Sazabi making lots of cool poses.

Inside the box is a plastic tray. Packed inside of it are the Sazabi and all of the accessories. There are a total of eight sets of hands, three energy axes in different states of power, two swords, the shield, and beam rifle. 

There were also instructions showing what weapons can be interchanged with what and how to put the shield on. It really isn't all that complicated as you will see below.

There are hands specifically designed for holding each type of weapon as you can see. I can also report that these hands do a really good job holding onto each weapon type they are designed for. The gun hand is particularly neat because it has a tight grip to most of the hand, but the pointer finger is more rubbery and can pushed out to fit around the trigger guard of the gun. Because the kit comes with both a right and a left trigger hand, you can make the Sazabi hold the beam rifle left- or right-handed.

It took a little work to learn how to equip the shield to this Sazabi. You see there is an interchangeable armor piece on the left arm that has a ball joint where you can mount the shield to it. The best way to swap out the armor pieces is to take apart the left arm, hand and all, then apply gentle pressure to the armor till it pops off. Then just put on the different armor and snap the shield on. It may sound like a pain, but the shield stays on firmly, unlike some Master Grade kits I have assembled.

The shield itself is pretty nice, by the way. It can mount to the arm armor at two different points. Also much like my MG Zaku, it has a place for storing an axe to the inside of it.

In terms of size, the Sazabi is close to the same size as my 1/100-scale Master Grade Zaku. I would guess its scale is closer to 1/150 or so, though it is listed as a non scale model.

This big guy is not very flexible from the waist down, but it is really chunky and sturdy compared to any other Robot Damashii that I have owned, and switching out parts is a breeze. I only wish that Bandai had included a base that I could pose the Sazabi on in a flying position.

Here you can see those chunky legs that help hold everything up. Also, if you look to the right, you can see there is a toe joint that moves to add extra poseability to this robot.

I was having a little bit too much fun, but you can see his hands and arms are pretty flexible and there are a lot of points of articulation up here.

I had to provide you all with the obligatory up skirt shot.  As you can see, there are lots of thrusters. Most of the thrusters are hinged, specifically the ones under the arms and skirt armor.

From this angle, there are a few things to pick on Bandai for. For one, you can visibly see some of the screws which hold this model together, but also the front and back skirts of this model do not move at all. All of this does help contribute to the overall stability of the model, though, which is one of its selling points.

Here is what the Sazabi looks like from the back! As you can see there are two big pods that can be swiveled on ball joints. The funnel launchers up above the shoulder are also on ball joints, too, but have less range of motion. The funnel launchers have a little gimmick where you can remove rockets from the pod if you choose to.

Whatever this model may lack in high detail, it makes up for it with poseability and durability. Also, this kit reminds me that sometimes all you need is the right look and color scheme to look really cool. Speaking of poses, below are some of my favorite poses I was able to make the Sazabi make.

This is the last thing the Sazabi's target will see before being blown to bits.

So you want to see the Sazabi look cool? It accepts your challenge.

When stretched to its full height, the Sazabi can look quite intimidating.

Because of its strong joints, the Sazabi can hold its rifle and shield in any position for a long time.

One of my first poses I made with the Sazabi wielding two weapons.

One of the fun things about collecting any of the Robot Damashii line is that there are a large variety of robots to collect and they usually look good when posed together. Here is the Robot Damashii Vox Aura next to the Sazabi.

Come on, Joey, give us a hug.

I had a lot of fun working with this robot. It reminded me of the toy fire engines that I loved when I was a kid. It has a very similar feel to its paint scheme, being shades of red with black and yellow accents.  It is also fun to own a model robot that I did not have to assemble. However, there is not a lot of extra painting or a large amount of hand detail work put into this mech, and the lack of a flying stand is a little bit disappointing.

Still, this model is not all about the detail. There is something really satisfying about opening a big box with a cool red mech from Gundam in it that will not fall apart easily and posing it to my heart's content. That is exactly what this model let me do. I would happily recommend this to lovers of giant robots. 

[Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for sending Sazabi along for review!]

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