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Tomopop Review: RAHDXG. A. NEO Lacus Clyne

4:00 PM on 06.28.2013 // Kristina Pino

Genetically engineered space idols are the very best kind

I'm a big fan of the Gundam SEED Project and have enjoyed all the entries so far. We've seen Lacus, Kira, Athrun (reviewed), and Yzak so far - a nice, good-looking selection, and I have hopes for more. I mean, making a nice Lacus figure like this just paves the way for a Meer Campbell in the line, right? 

My experience with MegaHouse's figures is basically a few of the boys from the G.E.M. series and POPs. That being said, Lacus doesn't fit the style or physique of the girls I'm used to seeing them do, so I was definitely curious about how the execution would be here. Read on for my full thoughts! 

Figure Name: RAHDXG. A. NEO Lacus Clyne
Figure Maker: MegaHouse
Retail Value: ¥7,300
Released: Nov. 2012
Available at:  HobbyLink Japan 

Lacus has kind of a big box, mostly because her sleeves take up a good amount of space. She also comes with a few things in the tray, like an extra face plate, a flower and extra hand accessory, extra arm, and two Haros. She doesn't come attached to her base. 

Getting her out of all her plastic is a little tricky. You need to remove the sleeves to pull out the plastic slips protecting her arms, and her head pops off to remove that bit, too. Beyond that, assembly is just a matter of plugging her heeled foot into her pink base. 

Her default pose has her with arms stretched out as she appears to be welcoming you (or moving towards you) with a soft smile on her face. It could mean anything! But mostly it means that she loves you. 

Her dress is this beautiful sort of aqua that has a pearly finish and lilac trimming. It has all the right sort of molding in all the right places, and if you want to, you can even pose her sleeves a bit to billow this way or that. 

Though the front looks rather clean, there are very minor paint goofs with the back of her dress here. These are the kind of goofs that you'd probably only notice by taking a close-up picture, though. Anyway, it's easy to forget about the paint when you've got that muscular back to look at. As you can probably tell more easily from this angle, the dress is a cast-offable. I wouldn't recommend it, though - it looks as though you'd have to break it off completely, as with the ladies of the POP line. 

Her hair is one of the highlights of the figure for sure. It's light pink and has a bit of a gradient working its way to the ends where they're a little bit transparent. The sculpting is great overall, and the only visible seam is where her bangs come off to give way for a head swap. 

Since the Haros come loose rather than with a stand or anything, besides putting one or the other down on the base to sit at her feet, I devised this way of posing them. I'm sure Haro would be perfectly happy just hanging out there, anyway. 

The details are nice and clean, though nothing about its design is complicated. It does look rather nice against the color of the base, though. It's hard to see, but the base just has Lacus' name on it with a Haro in the middle. Simple, but an effective way to eliminate the need for decals or anything that would detract from the overall look. 

While we're down here, we may as well have a look at her feet. There's nothing to complain about here, and actually the letters are a bit easier to see in this picture. She's pretty sturdy on that base and I don't see her falling over any time soon. 

Besides her standard pose, you can get her with one hand over her chest and the other outstretched with the flower. I feel like this pose gives her a little more movement, but I ended up going back to the outstretched arms look to put her on the shelf. With one other change: her expression. 

I love this happy look. Flipping the box insert to this colorful Haro design to use as her background also really brightens her up even more - it's perfect. She looks like she's ready to burst out singing. All she's missing is to be facing Athrun so they can be all happy and cute together. 

Fans of Gundam SEED and/or Lacus would delight in having this figure as a part of their collection. She comes with a few options and is slightly poseable (her head and sleeves). The colors and details are just lovely, and at roughly 8 inches tall she's a rather nice size. Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing Tomopop with this beautiful sample, and be sure to check out the gallery for more images that didn't make it into the body of this review!

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Kristina Pino, Managing Editor
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