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Tomopop Review: Pobber Toys' Dr. Morkenstein Pajamas Ver.

4:00 PM on 05.18.2012 // Brian Szabelski

The one great thing about the designer toy world is that there are so many new companies out there right now doing amazing things. One of those companies that has caught my eye happens to be Pobber Toys, based in Singapore and a frequently featured maker on the front page of Tomopop. It was just last month that Pobber rolled out a new look for MAD's Mork with the first Dr. Morkenstein figure, and now they're set to release a second colorway with the Pajamas Version.

So is this new look for Dr. Morkenstein worth your time? Hit the jump to check everything out and see for yourself!

Figure Name: Dr. Morkenstein Pajama Version
Figure Maker: Pobber Toys
Retail Price: US$65
Buy at: Select retailers

As with any good review, we start at the box. Dr. Morkenstein's encasing is a simple enough design, done in just black and white with the Mork character stretched across the corner here. It gives off a nice look because you get half of a Mork on each side, and looking at the corner gives it a slight 3D look, does it not? You can also see his name along with his creator (MAD) and the Pobber namemark.

Let's get him out, shall we?

Fresh out of the box, Dr. Morkenstein stands a good 6.5 inches tall in his little footies, with a buttoned trapdoor on the backside and the hood hanging down. It's actually pretty cool how the sculpt is the same as its always been, but with a few different color swaps, Dr. Morkenstein goes from being dressed in a black lab outfit to pajamas. 

You also will probably notice how Dr. Morkenstein has a very clean, but very urban or graffiti-inspired design. That's very much the style of his creator, the legendary MAD (a.k.a. Jeremy Madl), and it perhaps makes sense given that the first time we saw Mork was as a custom MAD*L a few years back. There's this sense of innocence around Morkenstein with that giant helmet on his head, despite the fact he might be a lot more malicious than his appearance lets on ...

Up close, you can get a peek through Mork's helmet to check out his big, red eyes and green skin. The first Dr. Morkenstein variant had the exact same design on the helmet, except it was in a muted black color so you couldn't really see it as well from a distance. Also, check out those rounded white teeth poking out from beneath the helmet; you'll see more of them later.

The back of Mork's helmet features the words "BEWARE" ominously scrawled on them in red paint. Bewaring what, though, I'm not quite sure yet. 

The helmet is also removable (more on that later) with a piece of adhesive foam stuck to the inside to keep it on his head. Basically, the same principle that works for bike helmets works here, and quite well, I might add. 

Upon closer inspection, you might notice something else about Mork: his helmet is actually an upside down pot with eyeholes cut out and metal wings bolted to the side. While the handles on the side of his helmet aren't quite cut out (perhaps because they might break off otherwise), you'll notice that the paint here is quite clean and there's no real issues with plastic flash on the helmet. The colors are an interesting palette, but not one that's unpleasing to the eye.

Playing up the mad scientist theme a bit, Dr. Morkenstein comes wearing a pair of gloves with big radiation symbols and the word "DANGER" emblazoned on the cuff. It's a pretty basic look, and the styling here isn't too bad.

To mane this the pajama version, Pobber have gone with a much different crimson and silver paint scheme for Morkenstein's suit. It's actually a nice subtle palette to bring out the contrast and highlight the pattern on his suit, which wasn't really too visible on the first Dr. Morkenstein colorway. The sculptwork on the oversized zipper looks pretty good, to boot, but the best part is under that big old helmet of Mork's ...

It wouldn't be Dr. Morkenstein without that 1920s villain look we saw before! Except this time, he looks even more sinister, with his Frankensteinish green skin, and red and black eyes. The curly eyebrows are here, too, so if you were like Ninebeats and loved the look before, there's a lot more to love this time around. I'm going to sound like a broken record a bit here, but again, excellent work on the painting lines here and it's an incredibly smooth piece with no real bumps, flash spots or divots. MAD's urban-inspired art style really comes through in this piece, doesn't it?

On the backside, you can see the other end of his jaw, as well as the back of his hair, including the little tuft of hair that's sticking out from behind. Again, everything looks great here and I have nothing to complain about.

Last but not least, Dr. Morkenstein has some poseability, with joints in the neck, wrists and shoulders. Like many designer toys, you can't perhaps do a whole lot with them, but for Dr. Morkenstein, it's enough to be able to pull off a cool, evil-looking pose like this. Mwahahahahahahahaaaaaa!

If making a good first impression is pretty important, then consider Pobber to have made an excellent one. The quality control on this figure is superb, the color choices excellent (and very much helpful in bringing out the character) and the overall feel of Dr. Morkenstein is that he's a figure I'm glad to have around, even if his innocent look belies a more evil intent. With only 150 of these being made, they might not last forever, so don't wait around when these show up at your favorite retailer next week. If you do, the doctor might just play a mean trick on you and do a disappearing act!

[Thanks to Pobber Toys and DKE for sending along a Dr. Morkenstein for this review!]

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