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Tomopop Review: Patch Together's Tentatiger

10:00 AM on 01.31.2010 // Rio McCarthy

Living in the Midwest we've had one hell of a winter and my poor toys were getting anxious to make their getaway to the outdoors. Not long ago the snow finally melted enough that they could go out without getting horribly disfigured, or worse, lost. Patch Together's Tentatiger was one of the first to make his break out and boy was he excited to get his picture taken.

Hit the jump to check out the facts and pictures about this bad boy resin figure!



Tentatiger arrived in a familiar looking box, and if you've ordered from Patch Together before you've seen these white boxes as well!



This time the white box is adorned with a black and white sticker baring the face of the Tentatiger himself. I could go for about a hundred of these little stickers. I really dig them for some reason.



Be prepared for a giant mess with Styrofoam, as the box was totally ready to explode by the time I pulled it out. As you can tell you have a bit of construction ahead of you, but luckily they were nice enough to throw in some super glue!



One of the first things you'll want to do once you've got it opened up is take the protective tape off of the arms so you can get those in there and steady your figure. 



These were mostly tight enough that I didn't really need to glue them into place, but since it would work better with my shelving situation I went ahead and super glued them in so that they'd stay especially secure.



As you can see there are also a bunch of tentacles that you'll need to put into place on the Tentatiger's head. This is where I ran into a little bit of a problem. They're technically suppose to be able to go into the head and move, but I ran into an issue where majority of them didn't fit and either would fall out or needed fixing to be able to fit at all.



I ended up taking an exacto-knife to the pegs so that I could grind them down enough that they would fit inside the holes in the head of the Tentatiger. Sadly having to glue them in took out any amount of articulation, but at least they stay in there correctly now.



After getting all of the tentacles, arms and tail all in correctly he was ready to go outside and frolic in the remaining snow. He's also relatively good sized considering he stands almost 7 inches tall.



Unfortunately at some point one of his poor toenails fell off, and I'm not sure where it ended up. Looking back at previous pictures though it obviously came off at some point in the gluing process so hopefully I'll end up finding it.



Most of the tentacles got placed in the head correctly, but you'll want to be extremely careful when putting them in. As you can see on the left side of his head that I didn't slice enough of the peg off so it sticks out a tad.



I really like the details in the tentacles though, and they add a great depth to the character. I also really enjoy the way the colors work together.



Unfortunately it looks as if the Tentatiger is now sold out at the Patch Together store, where it originally was sold for $52. If you're set on trying to find yourself one I would suggest trying your hardest to buy one from someone in person who happens to have one so you can inspect the quality in person for yourself. I can definitely say I enjoy seeing him sitting on my shelf daily though, so if you're in need of a new friend here he is!

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