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Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Tomopop Review: Papagino Products Oda Nobuna no Yabou Set

4:00 PM on 07.11.2013 // Rio McCarthy

Chibi figures of the female daimyo? Let's go!

Today we have a three piece set of chibi figures from Oda Nobuna no Yabou. This is one of several series released recently that take historical figures from Japan and recreate them as women. I, personally, hadn't heard of Papagino Products before receiving this item for review, but it looks as though they have strictly only released figures for this series thus far. You would think that would make them pros at it, wouldn't you?

Hit the jump and let's find out! 

Figure Name: Oda Nobuna no Yabou Deformed Figure 3 piece set
Figure Maker: Papagino Products
Retail Price: ¥6,800
Available at: HLJ 

Oda Nobuna

The box itself is pretty simple. There's a huge window on the front so you can easily see all of the pieces. The Oda seal is shown all over the box, as the set includes Nobuna Oda herself, Katsuie Shibata, and Inuchiyo Maeda. Since this is Oda's faction, it's only right to have the image everywhere possible. There are photos of the figures all over the box, as well as images of the original artwork on the back. You can see a bigger version of this photo in the gallery for a closer look.

Oda Nobuna

Upon opening the box you get a series of instructions, and since I can't read Japanese I wasn't exactly sure what was up. I just assumed there were stickers of some sort in there. More on that in a little bit.

Oda Nobuna

Here are the ladies in their plastic shell. Everything is nicely packaged so that there is to be no damage to the figures or accessories, and it was all wrapped in thin plastic sheets.

Oda Nobuna

Now back to those stickers I mentioned. These are quite bland for flags, so I assumed this is where the stickers were to go, but where are they?! I peeked around, couldn't find them, then realized that the yellow background in the box actually is a separate piece and they were tucked behind it! Stickers weren't the only thing hiding back there...

Oda Nobuna

...there's a cute little backdrop! It looks like a battlefield setup that has the Oda symbol on it, and the flags look nice right by it. It seems like a place they would have meetings on what's going to be their plan of attack.

Oda Nobuna

They almost look too cute to fight, don't you think? Well, let's wait for a battle then and take a look at the girls individually.

Oda Nobuna

Inuchiyo Maeda is up first, which you'll also have to make sure you put the girls on the right bases. Each base has their name on it, and it would look silly if they were mislabeled. I absolutely adore her tiger-skin headpiece. Though the paint on her cheek markings leave much to be desired. As you might have guessed, this little lady is based on Maeda Toshiie, whose nickname was Inuchiyo. She comes equipped with a spear, as well as an adorable outfit from head to toe.

Oda Nobuna

From the side you can see one of my favorite features of these figures. If you see that extra black bar underneath her hair? YES. Each of the figures have extra pegs that you plug into their hair and the base so that they are much more balanced and won't fall over or lean. I love it!

Oda Nobuna

As you can see, from the front and back it's obviously not visible with having that extra peg there, but it works wonders. Here you can get a better look at the long tiger-hide, and that's pretty much all you can see of her from behind. There is great paint application on the stripes, which is nice to see.

Oda Nobuna

This picture kind of explains it all. Spear dropped, and staring. The spear has a bad habit of falling out of her hand on a regular basis. It does have a small peg that goes into her hand, but it doesn't stay well. Inuchiyo is the worst offender on this, but her expression is just so... blank. She looks like she saw something she shouldn't have and can't look away or something. She's just... staring. Always staring.

Oda Nobuna

Up next is Nobuna Oda! She's my personal favorite, but with how much I like Nobunaga Oda, it shouldn't be a big surprise since that's who she's based on. You can already tell her facial expression beats Inuchiyo's, but it still has a bit of a spaciness to it with those eyes. At least she looks much more excited about whatever she's staring at.

Oda Nobuna

Looking from the side, one of the first things you'll see is the giant seam in her hair. The hair always seems to be the worst place for seams being seen, but at least the sculpting of the hair looks good here. Her red hair tie is there holding her hair up, and it seems all well and good to me.

Oda Nobuna

Speaking of holding her hair up, one of the longest of the black pegs belongs to Nobuna Oda, as she has the furthest distance from hair to base. You can also see her cute tiger-skin wrap that matches Inuchiyo's somewhat.

Oda Nobuna

You can see a few divots here and there along the figure, as well as a few rough spots in the painting. However I do love her little outstretched hand that comes to the side. Those little sandals don't hurt the adorableness either for that matter.

Oda Nobuna

Last up we have Katsuie Shibata, who is the bustier of the girls. She also has the most tsundere expression of the three. She has a bit of a scowl, as well as a little blush under her cheeks. Her sword is at her side in its scabbard, and she looks ready to kick some butt.

Oda Nobuna

She has a pretty bad seam in her hair as well, but you can see her awesome hair peg as well. I'm so glad she has a peg, especially, because her big ponytail made for some terrible toppling issues without it.

Oda Nobuna

Her long ponytail gets brought to life a little by the way it flows at the end. I do like the way her armor is done as well, and it's very clean for the most part.

Oda Nobuna

Each of the figures stand just around 3 inches tall, so you're not looking at big figures by any means, as you could probably tell. From afar the figures are very nice to look at, while only having small paint issues when looking at them up close. The bases are simple, but I like that they each have their names on them. Their costumes were adorable in the show, so seeing them here in chibi figure form makes them even cuter.

Oda Nobuna

From the back they all look just as detailed as they should. Even those who are covered up by their hair or head pieces are actually detailed under there, so you just have to look. Nobuna Oda's hair is actually pretty detailed, and hers is definitely the best of the three.

Oda Nobuna

At the end of the day; are these perfect? No. They are adorable though, if you can get past the staring eyes. I'm actually glad to have them in my collection, and I would suggest them to anyone who is an Oda Nobuna no Yabou fan, but don't go into thinking you'll be buying the best figures ever made. They are quite fun though, and if you're looking for smaller figures to add to your collection, I would definitely suggest these. I'm glad to see my first run in with Papagino Products was a pretty good one!

[ A huge thanks to HobbyLink Japan for sending us this review sample! ]

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