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SEED's lead character finally gets a figure

Gundam SEED recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of airing. In that time, countless PVC and prize figures have been released of its cast. Athrun (reviewed), Lacus (reviewed), Fllay, Cagalli, Yzak, Shinn, Meer, Lunamaria, Stellar and even Meyrin have all received a release (sometimes multiple) from Megahouse. If you'll notice, there's one name notably absent from the list, the main character of the series, Kira Yamato.

It only took 10 years, but Kira Yamato finally has a figure.

Figure Name: G.E.M. Series Kira Yamato
Figure Maker: Megahouse
Price: ¥7,300
Available at: HobbyLink Japan 

When you first receive the figure, you'll notice the box follows the patterns seen in the recent SEED Renewal figures, Athrun and Lacus. You get the window box featuring the figure itself, accessories, and the like. The top of the box features a cut window of the OMNI Forces logo, just as Athrun's had featured ZAFT's, and Lacus' a Haro. As you might have guessed, the back features images of how you can pose him with the various accessories.

Getting him out of the box, Kira is posed with his arm extended out, as if longing for hope and the future. The details that immediately strike out at you are all of the wrinkles and folds in the uniform. The sculpt gives a nice illusion of motion, and doesn't skimp in the details.

Taking a look up close, Megahouse did a fine job with the facial sculpt. However, I have to say the hair is kind of a blob. It had a bit of a sparkle to it for some reason, so perhaps something at the factory happened to mine. The hair does match Kira's in the show, but the edges are a bit rounded where I would expect them to be a bit sharper. The smile is slight, which is as wide a smile as Kira had during the first series.

In order to change out the faces, the hair is split in two and the faceplate fits in between. While it does create an obvious seamline, it's somewhat covered by Kira's hairstyle. It could have been done better.

Kira also comes with alternate face, showing disdain or indifference. The shading is well done on both faces. However, I feel as if Kira has somewhat lost his smile here. It's just a divot with ink in it. While yes, that is his range of emotion, again I think that they could have done a better job here.

Instead of focusing on those negatives, I'll focus on some things that the figure did right. For starters, the detail of the folds of the uniform were done terrifically. The paint job on the uniform is exactly as it should be. No bleeds of color at all to be found in the figure, and the piping is perfect.

The pants also feature some nice folds and shading. This shot is taken from the back of the legs, and while normally this detail would be ignored, it's nice to see that they were attentive here.

Getting into the accessories, Kira comes packaged with his robot bird pal, Birdy (or Tori if you're into that). You can display the bird in one of two ways, on the outstretched hand of Kira, or perched nicely on his shoulder.

Birdy is held in place by magnets, so you won't have to worry about it flying the coop. As you can see here, for such a small piece it is well-detailed. There is a smidge of paint bleeding on the feet, but this can only really be picked out when you are staring dead into it.

As much as I'd like to complement it, Kira feels like a rather lazy effort. Whereas Ahtrun had his logo insignia done in some fashion, Kira's is just colors. There was no attempt to put the OMNI logo there. It's disappointing that they couldn't take the same level effort with this release as they had on the previous two.

When set about the previous two releases, Kira fits right in. Unfortunately, it's when you look at it through the lens of the previous two that he falls short. While from a distance Kira appears to keep the standard set forth, he just doesn't have what it takes to make it over the bar. Hopefully, when Megahouse gets around to making Gundam SEED Destiny versions of Kira, it won't take another 10 years, and will be better than this effort.

[ Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this sample for review! ]

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