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Previously on Tomopop, Marvel Bishoujo Storm was met with a resounding "YES" when we first reported it, and then when we started seeing some prototype images of the original release, folks started feeling a little mixed. Was it the hair? The face? Whatever the issue, it didn't seem like a lot of our commenters were as excited as before, though there were definitely those of us who were still totally in love.  

Though I've come to love the SDCC limited recolor of Storm in a white outfit, that announcement was a mixed bag, too. So, now we've got a hands-on look at the figure. Are you ready to look at the real deal? Click past the jump to see my full review, and don't forget to also check out Rio's review (here) of the original Marvel Bishoujo Storm so you could compare!

Figure Name: Marvel Bishoujo Storm, White Costume Ver. (for SDCC)
Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
Retail: US$59.99 (Limit: 2,000 pieces)
Available at: SDCC | Koto US

Storm's packaging didn't change from the regular version. My box just has a sticker on it denoting its limited-ness. What I like best about this box? Since Storm is basically just upright and doesn't take up a lot of shelf real-estate, the box is just thin and long. She's pretty huge, but only because the base gives her some height, not because of being super wide. 

Once she's out of the box, you're looking at Storm at work. Her hands are stretched up, and her base is red instead of the blue of the original Storm. Your hand choices are the regular ones or clear hands, and the magic electricity effects parts could be applied to either pair of hands. You could even mix and match if you feel like it. More on that later, though.

Storm has an amazingly full body. Rather than rendering her torso exactly as it appears in Shunya's artwork, she was given these glorious curves. The molding and painting makes the outfit look believable - like that is stretchy material over her skin being held together by that gold ring at the front. I just hope she doesn't have any wedgie issues.

Looking at her from the sides, we get a better feel for the the molding with her costume which makes her skin budge out just a little. I find this immensely attractive, and I also appreciate the extra detailed molding that gives the outfit more texture, making it look like a fabric layer on top of her body instead of just some flat paint over certain parts. 

Her legs have these great thigh-high boots over them that actually look like boots. Once again, stellar job with the molding and a nice shiny finish to make them look like they're vinyl or something like it.

Storm's caboose, to me, looks just right. I know at least one or two folks on here complained it isn't big enough for someone of her background, but you can't deny it's well sculpted and still great-looking. I think the shape is perfect, and either way, it's not like you'll be seeing a lot of it on a regular basis with that cape in the way.

Speaking of the cape, let's take a look at that. Though Edna might quickly snap at me and say "No capes!," I personally have no problem with them. In Storm's case, it adds some fullness and dynamism to the figure that would otherwise leave you wondering where to look when she's in front of you. I think the cape looks good from the front, and pretty much like any other cape would from behind.

If it weren't for the cape, she wouldn't look nearly as impressive, especially given the aforementioned height this woman has (starting with being a 1/7-scale statue) over regular figures. She's taller than a beer bottle, towering over almost every other figure in my collection.

Let's take a look at her hands, next:

Here's a look at both pairs of hands. With one set, she's got a lovely manicure that matches the red clip of the front of her cape and her lipstick, and with the other she's got the power surge thing going. You can already see in the lower image how the effects parts work: just slip it in between the hand and the wrist. It's something that you wouldn't notice when she's on display, plus the lower image is taken from behind, not in front of the figure.

From the front, those rings are hardly an issue. The effects parts as a whole aren't my favorite, though to be honest I don't see the point in her pose unless you're making it look like she's changing the weather. On display, they definitely look better on than off (it draws the eye to the figure). That is to say, in pictures, it looks a little weird, but on display it looks awesome. 

As for Storm's face, it's basically the same as the original. I had thought before that the Black Costumed Version had differently colored eyes, but when I looked at them both together, the eyes were the same. The only real differences between the two figures are the color of the bases and the costumes. Her hair is the same (and fabulous, though not as voluminous as other entries to the Bishoujo line) and both figures actually come with both sets of hands, which I wasn't aware of until I saw them in the box. For quick, at-a-glance comparison, there is just one image of the Black Costume ver. in the gallery.

I like Storm's expression, and I know some of you folks complained she suffers from Bishoujo same-face or that it doesn't match with her body, but I disagree. She looks beautiful, and I love that she's got a little blush on her besides the red lipstick, very light eye make up and nothing else. It gives her a bit more of a mature look, which her body shape demands.

The verdict? Fantastic sculpting, nice pose that shows her actually using her powers and commanding stature. Whether you prefer the Black Costume or this White Costume, she'll run you the same amount of money and you'll be getting something that's just as great as the other (I know, I peeked at the other one before sending it to Rio).

Once again, a big thanks goes out to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample! Besides Storm, we'll be taking a look at the exclusive X-23 (review: original), so be on the look out for that figure review, too!

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