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Fighting game storylines and wrestling storylines are often alike

Tekken seems to have returned to its status as Namco's flagship fighting game series with several new titles having come out in the last few years. One such title is Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is where Jaycee comes from.

"Jaycee" is the alias of Julia Chang, a Tekken regular who dons a lucha libre-style costume for TTT2 (the reason being... because she could). Kotobukiya recently sent me a sample of their Bishoujo version, which I've just finished examining.

Figure Name: Tekken Bishoujo Jaycee
Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
Retail Price: US$64.99
Available at: Koto US 

I've found that this figure sums up the spirit of the Bishoujo series in a nutshell. It's colorful, fanservice-y, cute, a bit silly, and even slightly whimsical. These things also sum up many of Tekken's female characters, so the two make a great pairing.

There will be no great mystery as to Jaycee's identity with this figure. As you can see, she comes unmasked in the box. The package includes the two heads, one ponytail piece, a mask that fits in her hand, and three inserts for the base.

Shunya Yamashita often alters the designs of Marvel and DC characters to give them skimpier clothing. He had to do no such thing with Jaycee because her outfit's already plenty skimpy in-game.

Even with the mask on, you can see some of the hallmarks of Shunya Yamashita's style. When I first saw the figure, I thought something weird was going on with her lower lip - like she had a bit of the Habsburg lip going on. Upon closer inspection, Jaycee's actually sticking her tongue out. This discovery upped the cuteness by several orders of magnitude.

Jaycee's stance exudes confidence. It's not an action pose; it's more of a winning pose. I like that it still shows some movement, accentuated by her flowing hair.

Kotobukiya did a good job with the feathers. They don't look like globs of plastic. Instead there's some definition to them along with a feel of lightness.

The production quality here is good but a notch below top tier. I didn't notice any distracting mold lines, but there were some small gaps where the body parts were fitted together. They're barely visible to the naked eye, but will be more easily spotted in photographs. The paint job is mostly clean. Again, you'll struggle to notice imperfections with just your eyes, but they will show up in photographs.

You can display Jaycee masked or unmasked. I'm not sure which one I like better. She does have a nice face so you can't go wrong either way. I do wish her eyes were brightened a bit, but I don't have any real complaints about her face.

Kotobukiya includes a separate mask to go with the unmasked head. This fits into Jaycee's hand. The chin straps are flexible, so you just need to bend them into place.

I have to give Kotobukiya props for this sculpt. The texture and finish on her costume look very much like the vinyl used in real wrestling outfits.

You can see above that her shoes are a bit strange. They kind of look like platform boots but they have no heels. The official art shows that they're just flat-soled boots, so I guess Jaycee's actually standing on her toes with this pose.

Speaking of her shoes, they connect to the base via slots instead of pegs. This improves the fit but also seems to make for a looser connection. Whenever I picked the figure up, the base would fall off. It's not a big deal as long as you're careful.

I often find that figures have a character to them that come out during the photo shoot. Some figures tell you how to look at them while others get you to think about how to look at them, if that makes sense. Jaycee is one of the latter, and that's why I had so much fun shooting this set. Ultimately that's what I enjoyed about this figure. It has personality, and that goes a long way.

[Thanks to Kotobukiya for this review sample!]

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