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The world needs a hero...

I have gone through a few stages with Superman. When I was little, I loved Superman. Until I found Batman, who didn't have super powers and was still a badass. Then I thought -- well, it can't be that hard to be Superman. He's too super.

Now as I get older, I've come full circle, and I am learning to appreciate Superman all over again. His immortality, his ultra super-ness, is essentially what makes him such a good character, dramatically.

Getting to handle this new ARTFX+ Superman statue by Kotobukiya is perfectly timed, really. I was blown away by his sleek look, accentuated by some spiffy new packaging. And in the words of my mother, "gosh, for a comic statue he sure is handsome!"

Figure Name: ARTFX+ Justice League Superman
Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
Retail: US$39.99
Available at: Koto US

As I mentioned above, I think the packaging is spiffy. It's clear and only barely larger than the figure itself. There isn't much information printed on the box; just the usual mumbo-jumbo and copyright information on the bottom, but otherwise we don't have the usual character description, story, or sales copy anywhere on the box.

Once he's loose, he can stand all on his own without a problem, but comes with a square base just like Green Lantern's (reviewed by Pedro). In the same manner, Supes has some magnets under his feet that keep him anchored on the base. Despite how precarious it sounds, I don't really think these figures are in danger of heavy damage unless you live somewhere that shelves are being consistently knocked over or something. Supes can handle a rather firm shake without coming away.

As expected, Supes features some crazy musculature, and though he's missing his red spanx, he's got plenty of detail all over the suit. I like the shade of blue and metallic sheen, personally, and the way the suit is his emblem really stands out. Like, in your face. I'm Superman.

His arms, of course, are ridiculous. With his hands balled up in fists, he looks like he's patiently biding his rage to unleash on some fool. 

With this area, you can see there isn't any paint transfer between his skin and the suit. The red and blue are also nice and clean, and there's some nice molding to his hands.

No detail with the etching was spared, even on Superman's boots, which are painted a bold red and given a spiffy layer of gloss. 

Speaking of layers, his emblem is a separate layer from his suit, as his suit is a separate physical layer from his hands, and his boots and belt a separate layer from the bottom half of his body. Kotobukiya managed this while avoiding paint transfers and any goofs at all, even though the paint scheme is rather simplistic (in terms of the amount of colors used). 

From behind, we've got that cape which also has an emblem on it. Juuuuust in case you see a dude in a blue suit and red cape and boots, and forget that it's probably Superman. Bam. Reminder. 

The cape itself is made out of a slightly more flexible plastic that gives a little, so if you're handling him, you don't have to worry about it being brittle and falling off. 

Before we get to the face and final comments, I had to note that his hair doesn't have ugly seams on it. Looking at an earlier picture you can kind of see where the seams are at the sides of his head, but for once, they aren't this huge headband. His hair is nicely molded and given a sweeping, liquid look that looks so great in comics. 

Alright, his face. I already mentioned he's handsome. I mean, his features are fantastic. All that bone and muscle, with his petite nose and mouth, and super expressive eyes with bold eyebrows. He looks young, and pensive, and almost barely like he's about to crack a smile. The whole, looking up and to the side thing like he's listening to something happen far away is kind of perfect, too. 

Really, everything about this statue is wonderful. I know some folks take issue with the costume designs and whatnot, but it doesn't bother me too much. Sure, I definitely like classic/iconic costumes more, but I'm not gonna lie - Supes looks great in this current getup, and the statue is definitely one that looks way better in person. Despite being 1/10-scale, he still looks strong and hefty, and I can't wait to see all of the Justice League together in one big diorama.  

Unless you're adamant against the costume, I can safely recommend buying this figure to any and all fans of Superman, or well-executed statues of super heroes in general. Note that my pictures make his suit look kind of liquid and bright, but if you're in an indoor situation, the suit looks darker because of the metallic/glossy finish. He looks great in either situation, but I love how he looks out in the sun. 

Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample! Be sure to check out the gallery to see the rest of my images which didn't make it into the body of the review, and of course, leave your feedback below.

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