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Tomopop Review: Kotobukiya's ArtFX J Yusuke Urameshi

4:00 PM on 10.11.2012 // Kristina Pino

Review sponsored by Kotobukiya

I've already taken a look at Hiei (review here) and now it's Yusuke's turn to be examined by my camera lens! I have Kurama waiting for his debut as well, so we'll have all three of Kotobukiya's current Yu Yu Hakusho releases here soon. Here's hoping there's a fourth coming soon! C'mon, Kuwabara, I believe in you!

Yusuke was, curiously enough, not the first to be released in this grouping of the ArtFX J line despite being the main character. Considering how wonderful Hiei came out I'm not surprised, and I'm glad emphasis was placed on different designs. That isn't to say that Yusuke is a boring figure or anything, though. Read on for my full review!

Figure Name: ArtFX J Yusuke Urameshi
Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
Retail: US$59.99
Available at: Koto US

Box! Yusuke is packaged in a box with plenty of windows to look in from, and the rest of it has the usual info, photos and a blue and green motif to pull it all together. Yusuke is packaged along with his base and a companion: Puu.

Once you've taken him out of his try, there's no assembly required. His head is mounted on a ball joint so you could pose him a bit looking in different directions, and if you don't want to plug him into his base, he stands just fine without it. Despite the hip-thrust thing that a lot of male figures have going for them, he balances just fine. The jacket helps, to that effect.

Right off the bat you can catch plenty of detail, particularly in the shading with the paint to make his clothes look realistic and worn in. Though the style of the figure matches the art style, I'm actually glad that, at least for his pants, they deviated a little bit and made them look less like clown pants. At least, that's how they looked to me in the show sometimes.

Rather like the round base that Hiei came on (with a shadow design on it), Yusuke's reflects his energy blast powers and is colored green to match with his clothes. It's also a flat disc that can slide under Hiei's a bit to pose them closer together, which'll look nice once Kurama is added to the mix. I'll show that later, though.

If you want to change/spice things up a bit, you can pull off his jacket and pose him bare-chested. The only problem with this is you'll see the one big flaw the figure has, and it's the tone-differences between his torso and arms which are separated by seams. I don't think the seams would bother me much if it weren't for how obvious it is that they're separate parts, if that even makes sense.

Of course, if you're less on the picky side, you'll probably just keep that jacket off to appreciate his muscular back and well-sculpted butt. No effort was spared here to ensure that whether you keep his jacket on or off, you'll get a great view. I absolutely love the paint effects working with the molding job here.

Putting that jacket back on for a bit here, let's check out some tiny details. The gold buttons are nice and clean.

His hand here is raised over his arm instead of molded on, which is a nice touch. He's got tape around his wrists which molded rather than painted, with etchings and extra work put in to make them look a bit worn, too. Even his fingernails are etched. Nice.

Finally, let's check out that mug. Yusuke is definitely ready to beat someone to a pulp. He's got his dark brown eyes set on it.

Yusuke's hair is molded in the slicked-back style he has in the show, and for the highlights there's some green and blue detail around the front and sides. That spiky tuft of hair on the right side of his head? It's molded in there, just not as pronounced as in some illustrations.

Puu is a cute addition as an accessory to this figure. He doesn't really come in to the show until the Dark Tournament, but Puu is Yusuke's spirit beast which hatches from an egg he'd previously given up to save a friend (back in the first arc of the series). Puu ends up being a good beast that even reflects Yusuke a bit with that black tuft of hair on its head. He balances on Yusuke's head with a magnet, so you won't have to worry about him falling off.

Though Yusuke initially looked a bit plain, maybe even boring just kind of standing with his arms crossed, he's turned out to be an excellent addition to the ArtFX J line. With a few posing options and a true-to-character do all around, fans of Yu Yu Hakusho would have little to complain about here. A big thanks goes out to Kotobukiya for sending this figure over for review!

Keep an eye out for Kurama's review, where I'll also be including some bonus pictures of all three figures standing together.

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