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Tomopop Review: Jason Voorhees Revoltech by Kaiyodo

2:00 PM on 01.28.2011 // Jason Millward

Oh, Kaiyodo! You sneaky, sneaky devils. That Sci-Fi Revoltech line that you created was the perfect Trojan Horse for infiltrating my heart and my collection with Japanese figures. Pulling together characters from outside the anime field, Kaiyodo has snagged licenses to everything from kaiju to Jack Skellington. Oh, they've got my number, alright, and they've programmed it into their speed dial.

Case in point: Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th film series, the first Revoltech ever to come from a slasher film. Considering that the vast majority of horror figures are little more than sparsely articulated statues, this is a welcome surprise. Does the hockey-masked murderer fare well matched with the freedom of a Revolver Joint? Hit the jump to find out.



Figure Name: Jason Voorhees
Figure Maker: Kaiyodo
Buy here: Hobby Link Japan


Jason Voorhees Revoltech Box

Jason is series number 14 in the Sci-Fi line (just missing perfect parity by one digit). The packaging does look establish an appropriately menacing figure with machete in hand.


Jason Voorhees Revoltech Box (rear)

On the back of the box we get a great view of the slew of accessories that are packed inside. The world's most notorious mama's boy is hardly at a loss for tools.


Jason Voorhees Revoltech-Opened Box

As with other figures in the Sci-Fi line, Kaiyodo treats us with a opening front box cover. Inside we find photos from the entire history of Friday films from the original through Jason X.


Opening the box and pulling out the tray, we get the full view of Jason's deadly implements. Of course the machete is represented. As are a pitch-fork, pick-ax, saw and a very scary looking shovel. Not to mention a couple of hatchets in both a bloody and non-bloody form.

We've also got two separate sets of hands. The standard, open versions are complimented by a grabbing right hand and a left with a fistful of severed head. There's also an alternate face and mask with ax-wounded "battle damage".


Freed from his plastic restraints, our scary pal stands 5" tall. Despite his small stature, he is sporting some very nice detail. This is definitely Kaiyodo-caliber work, and he will fit in nicely with the rest of your horror toys.


The gripping hand has an extra pivoting joint to allow for the perfect attacking angle for every weapon in Jason's arsenal.


Amongst my favorite details of this sculpt are definitely the hands. Those big, giant, vein-y, scary hands. Just to put this in perspective, from wrist to fingertips we're talking only a half of an inch. Yet, we're able to make out the wrinkles on each joint of his fingers.


Very few people have seen this face and lived to tell the tale. Jason started off his life with a ghoulishly disfigured face. As time passed, he never got any prettier.


We're also treated to a tiny but detailed diorama. This is a tiny segment of a barn at Camp Crystal Lake. It has neat details like a saddle, a horseshoe and a broken beer bottle left from some delinquent camp counselors. You can bet that they paid with their lives for their underage drinking.


For those keeping score, this figure represents Mr. Voorhees from the third film. He just stole the hockey mask from a victim to replace his less-impressive burlap sack.


The figure is tiny, but that doesn't make him any less imposing. Though the design may look a bit simplistic compared to the work of McFarlane Toys and NECA, this is still a frightening guy.


Unlike the other figure versions, this Jason has a much wider range of movement thanks to Revoltech's Revolver Joints. You'll get a whole lot more play action out of this incarnation.


This is not to say that he's going to be capable of incredible gymnastic feats. Much of his movement possibilities have been limited in favor of more detailed clothing. His button-up shirt hinders a fuller range of positioning. You will still be able to have him walk from cabin to cabin as he stalks his pray.


You will not, however, be able to have him sit for afternoon tea with Yotsuba and Professor Layton. There's not a whole lot of bending going on at the hips and knees.


These are just tiny gripes in what is an otherwise fantastic figure.


I mean, honestly, how are you gonna hate on a toy which allows you to embed an ax in it's head? You just can't do it.


And even if you could, I just wouldn't recommend that course of action. You can put this guy down for a little while...


...but he'll always be back for more.


[Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for the review sample.]

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