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Tomopop Review: I Heart Guts' Brain and Gallbladder

4:00 PM on 09.28.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Give your organs a hug.

When it was announced that I Heart Guts had made larger-than-life plushes of their already awesome organs, I was so happy. I loved the original toys to begin with and making them bigger just meant there was more to hug. Always a plus in my book! I had a great time just goofing off with these plushes. They were silly, fun, and made me feel a bit smarter while I was playing with them. Although, that might have been because I was holding an extra-large brain in my hand. Huh. 

In any case, hit the jump to see what makes these plushes so special!

Figure Name: Big Brain and Gigantic Gallbladder
Figure Maker: I Heart Guts
Retail: US$20.00 each
Available at: I Heart Guts' online shop

this is your brain

This is your brain. Okay, it's actually my brain. Well, my plush brain, anyways (although some of my relatives' will argue that the one in my skull is also made out of stuffed animal materials). In truth, what you see in the above photograph is I Heart Guts' Big Brain plush. Look, it's happy to see you! I love the whimsical face embroidered on this toy. The eyes are stitched on rather than being buttons or safety eyes. 

this your brain on its side

Taking a look at the side of the Big Brain, you can see the detail that went into making this 11 inch by 9 inch by 5 inch plush resemble the real thing. It has folds along the cortex, which are very fun to run your fingers along (the fabric is very, very soft). You will also notice the cerebellum, marked by the purple fabric. 

this is brain, fallen down

A fun little bonus of these plushes is that I Heart Guts goes through the trouble of dissecting the brain stem for us. Just that small piece of embroidery adds so much to the overall design of the toy. All portions of the Big Brain have something going on and aren't left blank and boring.  

cuter than a toe tag

it's learnin' time

even the back is all colorful

Even the tag is a work of art! It is very colorful, on both the front and back, and has a cute "profile" of the Big Brain that anthropomorphizes the organ into a fun character while managing to be informative. Also, how cute is that "Brain Power" picture? So cute!

Face your gallbladder

And now, we move onto to the Gigantic Gallbladder. The face on this plush is easier to see than the Big Brain's (blame it on the ridges). The smile is a bit more pronounced and I think I like that more. I want my internal organs to be as happy as possible.

not an eggplant

One of the things I really appreciate as a collector is that this 9 inch by 9 inch plush has a beanbag bottom to help it stand up by itself. It's very helpful if you want to display your collection.

top of the gallbladder to you!

Just like the Big Brain, the Gigantic Gallbladder has embroidered "dissections" on parts of the plush. I cannot stress how much I love this detail.

a slightly less-cool tag

the inside of the gallbladder's tag

If I were to have one gripe with the Gigantic Gallbladder (and it's a very tiny one), it would be with the tag. I wouldn't really have a problem with it if I hadn't seen the Big Brain's tag first. As it stands, this tag is okay. It is informative, if a tad less funny than the other's. But the Big Brain's tag was a noticeable amount bigger and had so many more illustrations. If you were planning on taking off the tag anyway, this is kind of a non-issue.

best body buddies

I Heart Guts' Big Brain and Gigantic Gallbladder are not only well-made but humorous and adorable as well. I would recommend these toys for pretty much anybody, but those with a sense of humor and/or a love of anatomy will get the most out of them. You can find more in the series of giant plushes as well as the traditional, smaller sized ones at I Heart Guts' shop.

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