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The scale of figures have been increasing in size in recent years with 1/4 scale becoming more common from figure manufacturers. There's so much that could be done at a scale of this size but currently what has been released has been reduced to ladies in bikinis or less.

Such is the case with release of Hayate Yagami from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, one of a trio with Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa released by Gift. I will say it's nice that the collection went with the later versions of these characters what with the swarm of Nanoha and Fate figures based on the much younger movie versions. 

This feels like one of my more awkward reviews for me to write since most of it will be focusing on the T and A of Hayate. ... Well, now that I have your attention, read on to see how much of a difference a figure of this size with so little makes.

Figure Name: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Hayate Yagami Swimsuit Ver.
Figure Maker: Gift
Retail Price: ¥12,000
Available at: HobbyLink Japan


The first thing I noticed after opening the shipping carton is marveling at the size of the packaging for this figure. I haven't seen a box with this much vertical since my first Dollfie. Having to fulfill my curiosity, I measured the package at almost 17 inches (43.2 cm) tall.

The package itself is colorful and the orange against the blue background does a nice job of bringing attention to it, even at a distance. Well, at least for me. For others, it may be hard to ignore this large figure standing there in her bikini.

The inner tray for the package is just like any other tray surprisingly. Nothing new. Nothing fancy for it. Being so use to figures of a smaller scale, was throw off when lifting her out of the tray. Again, curiosity filled me and I had to check how much she weighed. That weight being 1.24 lbs (0.56 kg).

Of course for a figure of this size, a stand of a bigger scale would be required, too. Sadly, the stand is just a plain, boring white sphere. You would think for a figure of this size and cost, Gift could have put a little more effort into this. Not even a logo or some simple printed design!

Even at its 6.75-inch (17.2 cm) diameter, it's still smaller than a base by Griffon Enterprises for a figure half this size.


The full figure of Hayate is just, um ... wow. I know it's not nice to stare but that's one lovely figure, especially from the back. Just, um ... yeah... so prett y ... ... ... ... ... Right! I have a review to present to you, folks!

The pose itself is rather generic but I usually don't expect much from swimwear figures. Wait, no. I do expect more from swimsuit figures! They don't have much to wear so more thought should be put into the pose to bring more life to the figure!

It may be tough to imagine the size of this figure based on the photos so I have provided a scale comparison with a 1/8, 1/7, and 1/6-scale figure. Or you could do the math and get the idea by simply mounting a 1/8 scale figure on top of another. ... Vertically people! Vertically!!


What kind of quality does a 1/4-scale figure bring to the face? It can bring a lot beautiful details in the mouth, the eyes, and the hair. That's not present in this figure. Even at this scale, Hayate's hair does feel any different than a figure of a smaller scale. The eyes look average and there's zero depth to the mouth. The mold and paint on the ties of her hair look cheap for a figure of this size. How, Gift? How could you botch the face on a 1/4-scale figure. Oh. I know why.


This would be why. The depth and detail of the mold had to be placed on the selling point of this figure. Honestly, and as odd as it feels to say this, there's actually a surprising difference in something so simple as this. I'll get straight to it. The breasts are very shapely and and because of the larger scale, the mold folds under much more for a cleaner shape.

I do have to laugh at the bikini that Hayate was put in. Though her breasts are of a substantial size, there really is no reason for her to have a bikini that cannot cover them completely. Speaking of said bikini, there is a glaring seam on each side where the top piece of the bikini connects with the wrap piece. It's a shame that Gift could not figure out a way to make this, well, seamless.

The straps of the bikini lift away from her body which does give the feeling and appearance of lifting her breasts. The ties on the bikini however are nothing to be impressed by. Just like figures of a smaller scale, they suffer from the same mold issues of detail due to how thin the mold is there.

I do also like that the noticeable form of her back, something my best friend has made me learn to appreciate.


As stated above, the breasts are quite round as seen in this angle. You can also see the shadow of the strap lifting from her body.

Hayate has a ribbon wrapped to one arm that has a fluttering motion to it. It's white. It's plain. It's a ribbon. Nothing more I can really comment on it.


Never thought I would find myself reviewing the stomach of a figure before but here I am doing it. It's a nice stomach with a gentle paint on it to bring more shape to it. Though it is the human anatomy, I'm not big the lower rib cage being noticeable. From the side, you can see how her stomach bulges outward giving her more of a natural look.

The only gripe I have about her stomach is that I wish the belly button went a little deeper. With brighter lighting it doesn't look as deep as when there are shadows on it.


Gift's chosen pose pushes the right buttons with Hayate pushing her hips to one side. Though where her leg connects to her waist, it seems a bit unnatural. What does seem more natural though is her more well-proportioned body when compared to the other girls from the trio. Especially when looking at the waist from her side and ...


... her lovely hands. Hey, hey now. You have to appreciate the detail of the hands on this figure with her painted nails and bracelet. Though it isn't truly that much to marvel at. Even looking at her palm, you would think there would be more to it but there's not. That blank, shadow-less palm you see? That is exactly how much work Gift put into it.

I could go on more about her hands but I suppose you are more interested in what I was originally leading into. Unless you skipped to it. If you didn't and are reading this sentence right now, good for you! You're a real trooper! If not, let's all just wag our fingers at who did skip this to look at ...


... her rear. I know it's not nice to oogle, but with my fondness for hips, it extends to back side, too. Again, the larger scale provides for more detail in Hayate's butt making for a very attractive quality. ... Did I just write that? I guess I did and I stand by my statement. When looking at my 1/7-scale Seena Kanon swimwear figure by Max Factory, there's shape to her cheeks but it's nothing like the depth that can be seen in this figure.

Though her outfit is hugging her waist, I like that it doesn't resort to the common cliche of being wedged into her crack. Speaking of the butt cleavage (I love you Rio for that term), this is obviously another focal point of this figure with her large butt that cannot be contained by her swimwear. Again, though the figure is of a bigger scale, you can only get a good depth to her butt cleavage when there is lighting to give it shadows.

These are Hayate's platform shoes. That's all. I'm sure you're not interested anyway. You've seen the "important" parts of this review.

... Really, there's not much to say about the feet. The mold of the toes and the separation is decent though the gloss paint did not get painted on most of the toes on her right foot. Not really big on the platform sandals that Hayate is wearing. Seems so uncomfortable to wear for the beach or pool. 

You may have noticed that I skipped over her legs. Though they have the full body look to them, there really isn't anything to discuss. Just like how I present you no photos, the figure presents to me no detail. Not even any paint to bring out her knees! Talk about cheap once again for a figure of this scale.

It's a not so fancy photo of Hayate at the "beach" which means one thing: my conclusion of this figure. Obviously from the photos and my comments, this figure has its ups and downs. I don't mean your ups, guys. The figure suffers in areas that actually could have shown the benefit of a 1/4-scale figure but Gift opted to ignore such spots to focus only a selling point. Though it's disappointing, I cannot deny that the more defined breasts and butt are attractive, Gift could have produced a higher quality figure and and set the bar for figures of this scale. Sadly, that didn't happen and Gift went the road that others have and made it for selling the sex appeal.

At a retail price of ¥12,000, it's hard to recommend this figure. However, if you can find it discounted, then I say go for it. Again, the larger scale does offer more to make this figure sexier, but not enough to pay full retail or close to retail for it.

[A big thank you to HobbyLink Japan for the opportunity to review this big figure.] 

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