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Long time readers of Tomopop know that we love Good Smile Company's Nendoroids. It's hard to miss the little buggers, especially since there's so many of them. GSC knows they have a great product and they respond to the demand by not only releasing new designs every month, but by releasing variations and convention exclusives that make collectors both salivate and tear out their hair. Back in February, GSC sold 1500 pieces of Nendoroid 97, Snow Miku, at WonderFest 2010, likely causing large pools of drool and mounds of broken hair.

Lucky for us in America, GSC quickly said that they would make Snow Miku available through their online shop. With the help of a friend and his proxy service, Tomopop intern Kristina Pino was able to get a hold of this little cutie. We worked on the review together from the perspective of a Nendo newb and a Nendo vet so we can give you two different angles.  Follow us after the jump to get a peek at the little snow fairy.

Figure Name: Nendoroid 97 - Snow Miku
Figure Maker: Good Smile Company
Price: 3000¥ (approx. US$35)

Pedro Cortes

I present to you Snow Miku's cardboard prison. There isn't anything really special about it, besides the shiny embossed snow flakes on the cover. It's just another Nendo box.

It looks quite similar to the original Miku Nendo box, only it's white and blue instead of black and green. All in all, just a box. Let's free the little gal!

Oh yeah, much better! She's way too damn cute to leave in the box. While she is essentially the same sculpt as Miku Prime, there are enough differences here that you won't confuse the too. First, there's the obvious color shift to white and blue. Everything from her tie to the silver sheen of her arms has gotten a repaint and it looks dynamite. It adds a vibrancy to the whole figure that a matte paint job lacks.

Here's a better look at her shiny skirt and her tie. Note the crisp snow flake on her tie, one of the ways you can tell the difference between her and the bootlegs that are out there. Now I'll toss it over to Kristina, who has a thing or two to say about Snow Miku.

Kristina Pino

If anyone reading this knows my secret (revealed in Tomocast 13), you'll be surprised to know that I actually purchased this willingly! Snow Miku is my first Nendoroid, and I think I've made an excellent choice. Generally speaking, she's a re-paint of the original; but since a lot of time has passed and quality has gotten better, it seems like a pretty big difference once you compare them.

Snow Miku was so excited on her first morning of winter vacation, that she took an early morning stroll to hang out with her best buddy, Miku-chan. On her way over, she just couldn't resist playing with the snow; catching snowflakes and making snowballs never gets old for Snow Miku. I wish I knew her secret to making such a huge snowball, though ... Hey, there's Miku-chan now! Except ... oh, no. Is she doing what I think she's doing?

Aww, you're so mean! Why would you toss that at your friend? That's not nice ...

You can start to see the differences between them in this picture, as Miku-chan looks over at Snow in disbelief. For one thing, I like the glossy, varnished look of the paint job on Snow's hair and the metallic sheen of her skirt and sleeves. Also, I'm glad they made the hunt for this figure worthwhile with extra little touches like shiny embossed snowflakes everywhere you look! I'm definitely a sucker for versions of almost anything that I could consider a seasonal or "special edition". Here's a more close-up picture of our mischievous friend.

Again, the entire scheme is faithful to the original, including the accessories. Another thing I'd like to note is that her base is nice and sturdy, while mostly non-intrusive. I'll be honest with you, I don't really know how bulky or not they are with the other Nendoroids, but I'm happy with this one (and to me, that's all that really matters).

Pedro Cortes

I'm definitely agreeing with Kristina here. The base is sturdy and helps keep the top-heavy Snow Miku from toppling over.

It perfectly fits underneath her skirt and keeps her standing. One thing you'll notice is that her weight naturally drags her back, so the plastic acts more like a leaning post than a clip. It keeps her looking like she's standing normally, which is a bonus to me. Obvious stands are one of those pet peeves that I have to live with.


A bit more detail on her pigtails. Much like Miku Prime, they're prehensile and be moved to and fro. They're also made with a transparent plastic, so you can actually see through it near the ends. It's a nice effect, along with the glittery paint job and the pretty snow flakes. After 97 Nendos, GSC really has the quality nailed.

Wait, what's this? I hear from Kristina that Snow Miku and Miku-chan have met a friend! Let's get back to Kristina to hear more about Snow Miku's mischievous adventures.

Kristina Pino

Louise from Zero no Tsukaima has wandered by with her magic wand, and ... oh, whoops.

Sorry, lady, but that's what you get for being mean in the first place! I'm not going to help you out of there! I mean, you're just a Nendoroid! Why would I want to help you?

That's right, missy, you better figure it out yourself because I have no sympathy. Actually, I'm just taking pictures of you because you're so miserable. And cute.

Well, it looks like they managed to get out of that mess. Maybe she won't bury someone else in the snow next time? But they look so dang cute together ... just look at them go, leeks and all. This is my favorite look for any and all Miku Nendoroids, by the way. I can generally only agree that a chibi looks cute when there's something this ridiculous going on. Actually, if I get any other of these, I'll probably just stick this face on them, for fun.

Pedro Cortes

Well, that's good to know that Snow Miku finally learned her les-

Dang girl, what are you doing? Looks like you stole Louise's wand. Are you going to ... ?

... Yep, toss more snow. You naughty girl, you're going to get in trouble if you keep doing that!

Come on, Saber too? Drossel wasn't enough for you? Why do you have to pick on the poor girl and her lion?

Sigh, you're so mean. Who thought that a cute little thing like you would have such a spicy side?

Uh, Snow Miku? You might not want to try your magic on Neko Arc. Mixing fire and snow doesn't sound very safe.

Uh oh. That doesn't bode well.

Aww dag. So much for an easy joke, huh? Now the cat's out of the bag and into the snow. Also, you may want to turn around, just saying.

Ah, justice, it's so sweet. I wonder what those two will do to her ...

Yep, that's what I thought. Nothing like a dip into the snow to let cool you off. I'm sure Snow Miku will think twice before trying that again.

So Snow Miku is a definite must buy if you can get your hands on her, which may not be so easy. Since she was initially a convention exclusive, that first run will be nigh impossible to find, even on eBay. However, the second batch that came out was produced according to the amount of pre-orders GSC received. I don't have an exact number, but I'd hazard to say that there are a few of her out there. If you didn't go through a proxy, you're going to want to troll through eBay and the Yahoo! Japan auctions to find her. The final preorder cost ended up being around US$52, so expect to pay a bit higher for her if you find her. As mentioned earlier, beware the bootleg, as they're out there and look pretty fugly. Good luck to you all and I hope you can find her!

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