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Nendoroids are popular because they are cute. If they weren't, Good Smile Company wouldn't have produced 100+ of the damn things. It helps that along with the cuteness you get a poseable figure with extra parts. However, there are things that are wrong with Nendos. Sometimes the price of cute is a giant head that falls over at the slightest breeze, or that the extra parts don't really add anything more to the figure.

I can say right now that Black Rock Shooter not only has more options than any other Nendo out there, she is probably the best one that GSC has made. Follow me after the jump to find out why.

Figure Name: Nendoroid 106 - Black Rock Shooter
Figure Maker: Good Smile Company
Price: 3334¥ (approx. US$39)

Like all of GSC's money-making dynamos, BRS comes in a rectangular cell made of cardboard.

As you can see, I liberated BRS from the enclosure. No need to keep her trapped any longer than I should!

Standard, just like all the other Nendos out there. While the box maybe normal, what's inside is quite new and I'm not talking about the toy.

What we have here are instructions on how to set up your new BRS. Considering the sheer amount of accessories that you'll soon see, you'll need this sheet a couple times when you get started. It shows how to get the her cannon attached to her hand, how to change parts on her bangs and how to perch her on the cannon like the promo shots on the side of the box have her. It's greatly appreciated and I wish there were some instructions in several other Nendos *cough*DROSSEL*cough* that I have. There's also a DVD with the recently released BRS OVA. The DVD is region-free and has English subtitle options, so go ahead and give it a watch. It isn't exactly a masterpiece, but it's entertaining for a pack-in.

Enough of that, let's get to the goods, shall we?

Hey there, sweet thang! Not even that sullen expression can hide her cuteness. The set up here has her sitting on top of her cannon holding her sword with the flame over her eye. This is only one of many different poses I can have in, with the sheer amount of choices I have. Besides the weapons, she has two support stands, several sets of arms and legs, an extra bottom half of her body, an additional coat tail, a piece of hair to replace her flame with, two different faces, with one being a different art style, and a plug for the cannon to fit into the base.

Speaking of her base, let me show you a side shot of the above set up.

Unlike other Nendos, BRS has a base that thematically matches her. It has the checkerboard design that permeates every piece of art she's in, including the Nendo box. This is easily the best Nendo base for it's style and function. It works well with the new support system, which actually holds BRS up well. Unlike the prior series of cylinders and ineffectual hunks of plastic, these supports work by fitting into the figure and the base. Using hinges and pegs, you can have BRS in any number of poses without having to worry about her falling. My only criticism is that it's less subtle than the old systems. However, the new system actually works while the old one is very hit or miss. I'm hoping this becomes the standard from here on out.

Here are both supports in action. In the back you can see that the support holds up BRS. In the front you have the second support holding up the cannon. The second support plugs into the top hole of the base and the user manipulates it so that it's aiming where you want it to. It's a little cumbersome to set up, but it gets easier the more you mess around with it.

Zoomed in for detail, let's take a look her costume. There's the typical GSC attention to detail with her paint job. None of the paint runs off the lines. Her scar looks great, the bikini is where it's supposed to be, the zipper looks just right and the teeth on her jacket look perfect. It even has a glossy finish to it so it looks like she's wearing leather. The face looks great too. Man, it seriously doesn't get better than this.

Even her ponytails are better than the rest of the series! Both tails have the Nendo joints that plug into the head, but the left tail has another lock of hair that's mobile. A small touch, but appreciated none the less. I'd also like to note the black/blue sheen to her hair, which looks amazing in person and doesn't come out in photos.

Finally there's the most alternate of the faces. Based of an illustration made by another artist, this face has an even more cartoony look than the typical Nendo. I find it funny that a character created by a fan has a fan-made illustration that it's paying homage to. Bizarre. Note that the eye-flame cannot be removed.

If you decide to sit BRS like this you'll have to change out her arms and the back part of her coat to fit correctly. The coat flares out and the arms are flat at the wrists to make it look like she's leaning on the base.

Well, that's it for this review. I'm glad to say that I fu-

What? I ... guess Shana is jealous of all the attention BRS is getting. She looks pretty serious. She's brought her sword, her coat and her serious face. I think she wants to take on BRS. Let's see what happens ...

Yikes. No jacket, no sword and it looks like BRS took her pendant away too. I think the lady in black won this one. Shana clearly isn't please, but it's not like there's much she can do about it.

Anyway, I completely 100% recomme-

Gah, looks like Drossel wants some too. She used to be the Nendo with the most accessories, but that title has been taken by BRS. I think she's going to try using her light up eyes as lasers or some form of martial arts to take her out.

WHOA. Poor girl didn't even have time to try out her laser eyes. BRS don't play!

As I was saying, you have to buy this-

Oh come on, Neko Arc too? All she has going for her are big eyes and an insatiable hunger for tuna. What is she going to do? It doesn't even look like BRS is taking this seriously.

Well, at least Arc and the common sense to run off instead of staying and getting her ass kicked. Still, talk about a waste of time.

ANYWAYS, BRS is a must buy if you collect Nendos. Even if you don't normally collect Nendos, I would recommend getting her over just about any other sub-$50 figure. A combination of style, perfect production and a lot of options maker her the best Nendo out there. It's a good thing then that she's available everywhere. Pick a site (Hobby Search, Toys Logic, Amiami, Play Asia, Hobby Link Japan, Kid Nemo) and you'll find her in stock and ready to buy.

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