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Tomopop Review: Good Smile Company's Yozora Mikazuki

4:00 PM on 11.04.2012 // Emily Smalara

GSC - 1/7 Scale

If you've been reading Tomopop for any length of time, you'll know that few artists get me going more than Buriki, of Denpa Onna and Haganai fame. I've already had the chance to take a look at the lovely Erio Touwa this past Summer, but now I've been lucky enough to get my hands on one of Haganai's leading ladies, the rambunctious Yozora Mikazuki.

From the early shots alone I had high hopes for the figure, seemingly capturing Buriki's unique style to a tee just like Erio from previously. Of course, oftentimes things look quite different in person, so hit the jump to see if she's just as appealing in-hand as she is from photos!

Figure Name: Mikazuki Yozora
Figure Maker: Good Smile Company
Retail Value: US$72.48/¥5,828
Available at: Hobby Link Japan

Of course, first we'll see if anything stands out with Miss Mikazuki's packaging. As with most boxes however, there's not a whole lot to write home about. It's simple and functional, with a few splashes of color here and there along with the series logo. I'm also a bit disappointed that there's no artwork on the packaging, rather just a simple handful of images of the figure itself. I'm somewhat surprised at the amount of English on the package as well. The use of Nihon-shiki romanization for her surname is a little off-putting as well, though of course packaging details are minor quibbles at worst.

There's not a lot to worry about when it comes to removing Yozora from her cardboard confines. A simple figure, one needs not trouble themselves with confusing instructions or missing pieces. All you need to manage is fitting her onto the base and everything's dandy. It's worth noting that there were no issues matching the pegs on the base up with her feet, a fact for which I am eternally grateful of Good Smile.

Despite the simplicity, Yozora's typical standoffish behavior is captured well in her pose, with arms folded indignantly along with a tilt of her head and slightly arched leg. It's definitely a testament to the sculptor's skill to manage such clear emotion in a fairly small figure.

I'm a little surprised at the amount of motion conveyed, however. While her pose seems fairly neutral, quite a number of details instead suggest perhaps a nearby breeze. You can see her skirt flipped up slightly as if in mid-step, and her hair flows behind her like it's in the midst of being tossed by the wind.

Which, speaking of, I'm quite impressed with! My love for detailed hair is no secret either, and I adore Yozora's. The motion shown off is lovely, and I like the little colors added from her trademark ribbons. I especially like the strands at the right side of her frame twisting over to tangle with the rest of her hair, it's a very nice little added touch.

The motion continues to be evident even in the details of her St. Chronica's uniform. I'm not quite sure what would make her tie flip into the air in such a manner though, given the motion of her skirt and hair are both in different directions. The tie seems to follow the motion of her skirt slightly to the left however, so perhaps she's in the process of sidestepping? In any case, I like the look, and I'm a big fan of her uniform in general.

I've always enjoyed unique school uniforms, and St. Chronica's definitely fits the bill. I love the deep green and gold mix, and Good Smile did a great job with the painting, creating a smooth look for her uniform. Her blazer's cuffs and trim are nicely lined, and I'm also impressed with the tiny stamp of the school crest under the lapel. Furthermore, the plaid of her skirt is done tremendously well, with nary an issue in sight despite the multitudes of lines in various sizes and colors.

Of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't point out her legs, which look just as good as the rest of the package! Her stockings fit the rest of the uniform nicely, complete with gold trim to complete the look, and they're of just the right height for some lovely zettai ryouiki before reaching the hem of her skirt. Certainly a job well done!

Moving further down we'll reach her base, though similar to the package she arrived in there's nothing much to mention. It's simple and functional, adorned only with the Haganai logo across the front. Of course such a "simple" show doesn't need a highly flashy base to begin with, so it's hard to legitimately complain here.

Naturally, we can't close out a Buriki review without taking a look at what makes the art so distinctive, so let's jump up to the other end of the figure! As with her pose, Yozora's behavior is personified perfectly in her slightly distant look. It manages to come off as sulky, angry, and frustrated all at once, and I absolutely love it. Overall, Good Smile managed to create a great figure for fans and non-fans alike. All the details are spot-on, and there's not really any issue to worry about when it comes to painting, fitting her on her base, or any other complaint. The only problem now is waiting for Good Smile to release Sena to complete the duo!

[Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing this review sample!]

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