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Tomopop Review: GIANTmicrobes Skin Cell and Bone Cell

4:00 PM on 11.17.2011 // Natalie Kipper

GIANTmicrobes' ability to make plush and vinyl versions of, well, giant microbes has always amused me. I mean, think about it. It's a pretty funny concept! I know when I was little, I used to anthropomorphize everything (still do to some extent) and I imagined all the little organisms in my body having eyes, families, and bank accounts. Fun stuff. I must not have been the only one, which I find to be quite a relief. The latest in GIANTmicrobes plush line showcase the skin cell and the bone cell. 

Do these two plushes live up to GIANTmicrobes name? Find out how these newcomers measure up after the jump!

Figure Name: Skin Cell (Keratinocyte) and Bone Cell (Osteocyte)
Figure Maker: GIANTmicrobes
Retail/List Price: US$8.95 each
Available at: GIANTmicrobes online store (Skin Cell and Bone Cell)

presenting the skin cell!

the backside of skin cell

Let's start off with the Skin Cell, shall we? He (yes, I decided my Skin Cell is a "he") slightly resembles a wrinkly pancake, but a very cute one. That's right; the wrinkles aren't on the plush because I stood him up funny. He is sewn with these adorable little puckers, giving him more character. I also love the beady little safety eyes. But, the best part of my little skin cell? He is so darn soft! If you could fathom the strength of will it takes to write this review rather than sit at my desk and play with this Skin Cell plush, you would give me a cookie. 

skin cell hangtag make me smartified

Another thing about the Skin Cell that I found pretty nifty was his informative and educational hangtag. The glossy, sturdy hangtag showcases the Skin Cell's scientific name, Keratinocyte, and a blown-up image of what that type of cell really looks like. You get to have this totally awesome plush and learn stuff, too. Like I said, nifty, right? I know I love multitasking!

yummy skin cell pancake

The skin cell plush isn't terribly big. Of course, he isn't advertised as such. I measured the plush to be about 6 inches tall, 5 and a half inches wide, and an inch thick. I'd say, based on his size, this guy is more suited for displaying by one's computer or desk rather snuggling up with at night. I will say that the construction of the plush is first rate, with no signs of skimping on seam allowances or holes. So, should you feel that a skin cell is exactly what is needed to keep the nightmares away, I am sure this intrepid little skin cell can survive many nights of tossing, turning, and stealing the sheets.

here comes the bone cell!

backside of bone cell

The other fine specimen I have to share today is my Skin Cell's good friend, the Bone Cell plush. This plush is taller than its companion by about 2 inches. Of course, besides its length there is not much too the poor guy, stuffing-wise (he still has plenty of charm). The design almost gives a humanoid shape. I love it! I can't help thinking that it was done purposefully to make the plush easier to bond with. The Bone Cell has the same soft fabric and adorable beady eyes as the Skin Cell plush. I am pleased to say that the quality of craftsmanship continues in this plush. Now, onto the tag!

bone cell hangtag increase brain mass

guts of the bone cell hangtag

Okay, who knew what bone cells actually looked like? Seriously, show of hands. I thought so. I know I learned something new. Open up the hangtag and there is whole little list of facts about the Bone (or Skin) Cell. Before you start groaning, the facts aren't written like a textbook out of a high school health class. They written as a sort of soap opera/life cycle of a bone cell. It was a fun read, and I guarantee it won't even last the entire commercial break of your favorite show. 

cell buddies

Now for the most dangerous part of our journey: the wrap-up. I mentioned before that I always loved the GIANTmicrobes series. They were rather clever and cute. The Bone Cell and Skin Cell are definitely my new favorites in the series. They maintain the odd humor with a medical bent that I have come to expect from the brand and, in addition, are so huggably soft that I want to just squeeze them all day. Forget cookies, I choose microbes.

[Thanks to GIANTmicrobes for providing us with these review samples!]

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