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Tomopop Review: Funko's Pop! White Phoenix

4:00 PM on 06.25.2013 // Scarecroodle

May pack some Phoenix Force

Jean Grey has had many costumes over the years but very few may be as iconic as her Phoenix (and Dark Phoenix) outfits. Hailing from a series of often poorly understood story arcs, the Phoenix has garnered some amount of criticism over the years while also managing to strike a chord with other readers.

The Phoenix pops up in multiple styles for Funko's Pop! Marvel: Series 2, with the variants seemingly store exclusives. Today we'll be looking at the Conquest Comics exclusive White Phoenix (one of the store's two exclusive Pop! Phoenix figures, the other being a glow in the dark variant).

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Figure Name: Pop! White Phoenix
Figure Maker: Funko
Retail: US$20
Available at: Conquest Comics

The White Phoenix features the sort of packaging one comes to expect from Funko's Pop! line, and remains a great display option (in addition to storage) as you can readily compare the 2D illustrations to the figure.

Unlike many Pop! releases, however, the White Phoenix's box features an additional sticker which notes it as being a Conquest Comics exclusive. Conquest Comics is a shop located in Bayville, New Jersey, which seems to be expanding with an online store. The Pop! White Phoenix and glow-in-the-dark White Phoenix are the retailers' first exclusives, although it will carry an exclusive metallic Pop! Harley Quinn.

The back of the box shows the other Series 2 selections. The packaging for the non-exclusive versions doesn't list the White Phoenix or the other store exclusives.

The White Phoenix features the Pop! line's characteristic button eyes and wide, stylized face. You'll probably notice that the eyebrows are placed somewhat oddly on my copy, which I assume is probably a one-off production flaw rather than an intentional design choice although I'll admit that it makes for an interesting expression.

The Pop! White Phoenix features a white and deeper gold color scheme, the latter of which has a nice reflective sheen under stronger light. Style-wise, the costume similar to previous Phoenix outfits. I believe this was the costume first introduced in the Phoenix: Endsong story arc when Jean assumes the identity of the White Phoenix of the Crown, although I'll admit that I haven't been keeping up with the modern X-Men story lines.

The White Phoenix is a re-deco of Pop! Marvel #22 Dark Phoenix. She features a new body sculpt with sculpted detail at the ends of the gloves and boots (rather than just painted on detail). The pose is a nice nod to the use of her psychic (or her cosmic) powers.

It's also worth noting that the figure has a bobble head and thus loses neck articulation in favor of a springing gimmick. As such, it means that if you're photographing her you'll need to wait a few moments for the head to stop moving.

As with many Pop! figures, White Phoenix sports a half-crouching pose that has her bum sticking out cutely.

Her belt's sash somewhat blends in with the leg at this angle.

The White Phoenix's hair is sculpted in a wavy manner along the sides with some amount of carved texture throughout. The top of the head features longer lines with the pattern becoming slightly more scarce as it goes down to the end of the strands.

And yes, there's a tiny paint defect on the right side of her butt. It's a minor production flaw unlikely to appear on other copies that will go completely unnoticed when the figure is facing you.

The Conquest Comics exclusive Pop! Marvel White Phoenix is a solid variation of the non-exclusive Pop! Dark Phoenix and, given that it's a less iconic outfit, makes for a natural exclusive. If you like this design, remember that there's also a glow in the dark variant.

[ Thanks to Conquest Comics for providing this review sample ]

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