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Tomopop Review: Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 3

3:00 PM on 06.04.2011 // Rio McCarthy

It's that time again where I get to squeal around like the little fangirl that I am, as we all know just how much I love Square Enix. However, I'm not blind, and I know that there was quite a controversy over Final Fantasy XIII regarding whether people liked it or down right hated it. I happened to like the good majority of what the game had to offer, and one of the things I liked most were the designs of the Eidolons.

Join me as we take a closer look at these Eidolons as part of Square Enix's Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 3 set. Hit the jump and we'll see what there is to see!

Figure Name: Final Fantasy Creatures Kai Vol. 3
Figure Maker: Square Enix
Retail/List Price: US$39.99
Available at: Square Enix

Final Fantasy

We'll start off with the box, like we usually do. As you can see on the left side of the image, it's a windowed box like most of Square Enix's figures. We all know how much I love that, so I'll save that gushing for another time. The back of the box shows nice images of each of the figures included, which is always nice as well.

Inside the figures are packaged nicely with the clear packaging they usually use, but it seems to fit better on these figures this go around. Sometimes there have been shipping traumas that have occurred, but everything was right as rain!

Final Fantasy

We've got quite the line-up of Eidolons in this set, so going from left to right we have: Bahamut, Hecatoncheir, the Shiva Sisters (Stiria and Nix), Odin and Brynhildr. Each of the figures stands right under, or right around, 4" tall, so they're a little bigger than a lot of trading figures, but super small to hold such amazing detail!

Final Fantasy

Ah, Bahamut! You've been my favorite summon for as long as I can remember! I have to admit, I nerded out pretty badly upon seeing him inside the box. I mean, I've always known he was awesome, but this was WAY awesome! The details are incredible, and I love the colors used.

Final Fantasy

All of the figures are remarkably well detailed on all sides, especially from the back. I often chastise trading figures that have no effort put into the backs of the figures, but this is a whole other story. These figures look like they could have jumped right out of the game and now sit before you in full form. There weren't any corners cut from what I can tell, and while varying a little from what was in the game, these are breathtakingly awesome.

Final Fantasy

Hecatoncheir is one of the new summons for Final Fantasy XIII and was of the Earth element. He has a pretty neat design, but perhaps not as cool as some of the others. You can see he's obviously incredibly detailed considering how many arms and ... appendages, for lack of a better word, he has.

Final Fantasy

My second favorite summon in the Final Fantasy realm was always Shiva. When Stiria and Nix came in as the Shiva Sisters in Final Fantasy XIII, I was stoked! I thought this was one of the coolest redesigns, and am in love with how it translated into this little figure. Between these two and Bahamut, I would warrant the set worth buying for just these two pieces.

Final Fantasy

Next up is Odin, and boy, does he look like one bad dude! This is yet another one of the most incredible figures. I mean, there's only 5, so I can't really keep saying that, but he falls in third of my favorite figures in this set. Odin was never even one of my favorite summons from previous games, but his design in this one just takes the cake.

Final Fantasy

Last, but certainly not least, is Brynhildr, another of the summons that was new to this game. As you can tell, she's obviously of the fire element and looks pretty wicked herself. That staff is something to behold, that's for sure. I didn't mention it previously, but I really do like the way that the bases for most of the figures show their element in full force. It adds a nice amount of detail, and looks great as well.

Final Fantasy

As you know, with most of my reviews I usually do something a little doofy. This time around we played "Hide the Eidolon!" Can you find them all?

Final Fantasy

OK, so they aren't really very good at hiding considering how you can see Brynhildr, Odin and Hecatoncheir peeking out behind the flowers.

Final Fantasy

To wrap this up, I'd just flat out say, "What are you waiting for?!" and send you on over to the Square Enix Shop where you can pick them up for just US$39.99. It's few and far between where I'm this overly happy about the way a figure set turned out, so if these are up your alley I would definitely say to go get them now while you can. The only other little tidbit would be, if you're a fan of the Alexander Eidolon, you might try to import them instead. Honestly though, I think the positives with this set outweigh the fact that he's missing from this version. He doesn't look nearly as cool as what we've got here! Well, as I said; What are you waiting for?! Get a move on!

[Thanks to Square Enix for providing Tomopop with this review sample]

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