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Tomopop Review: DC Comics Bishoujo Power Girl

4:00 PM on 12.03.2012 // Kristina Pino

Now THAT'S a woman I can believe in

The latest in the DC Comics entries, Power Girl, is a nice change of pace from the recent baddies from Kotobukiya. Power Girl is a "good guy," and unlike her cute, Super counterpart, she's more woman than most can hope to handle.

One of the things I've admired about the Bishoujo line, especially lately with such statues as Marvel Storm (reviewed: regular | exclusive ver.s) and DC Comics Poison Ivy (reviewed), is how bodacious and thigh-heavy some of these women can be. By "heavy" I mean "sexy and muscular."

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Figure Name: DC Comics Bishoujo Statue Power Girl
Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
Retail: US$59.99
Available at Koto US

Let's get this box thing out of the way. Power Girl comes in the usual-style white box with illustrations, and considering she's not this hulking huge figure with a huge and complicated base, it's mercifully small. Once you pop it open and take her out of the tray, she's screwed on to her bling-tastic base and ready to display.

Power Girl has this great energetic pose that doesn't need much dressing up. She doesn't have any sort of animal companion, nor does she come with accessories, an extra expression or any weapons. I feel I had to mention that since some of the more recent Bishoujo statues have come with more elaborate presentations, and that this isn't a strike against Karen, here. Actually, I see it as a good thing. She doesn't need dressing up or accessorizing. She's already so confident and gorgeous as-is.

Color change! I was having so much fun while shooting Karen that I ended up using two different backgrounds. I hope you don't mind.

Power Girl is wearing her usual plain not-too-white one-piece that leaves her legs bare but her strong arms covered. A belt hangs loosely around her hips, but unlike Mystique's bone belt (reviewed), this one stays in place.

Her suit has a "boob window" which I take no issue with, and a cord wraps around her chest to the buckle for her cape. These, too, stay in place. You could see the spot where it's connected at her back in the image above.

Power Girl's cape goes from her left shoulder and billows to the right, giving her some motion. Actually, it confuses me a little since her hair is blowing in the other direction, but the overall image has a nice flow to it.

The red cape is nice and bold, and is folded nicely to create that "flapping in the wind" look. It looks heavy. Like, cloak heavy. I guess Power Girl wouldn't notice the difference, being so strong.

Time for butt shots! Power Girl has an amazing butt to go with her amazing legs. Another nice touch seen in this picture is her leg is slightly dented where her fist is resting, giving it a more realistic look.

Huzzah, butts! I can't get over how amazing and perfect this looks. If you're appreciative of some strong legs like Power Girl's... you might want to buy the statue just out of general principle.

Finally, before we get to her face, we've got her boots. They're short -- only go up to her calves -- and shiny blue. She's got a low, thick heel on and nicely hidden seams. Her knees are molded, as are her inner thighs and everything to accentuate her legs as much as possible. I like the choice of a plain base without making it so plain - plain white disc, etc. The shiny silver metal look is a nice touch.

Finally, we're coming up to the end of my review. Power Girl's face is adorable -- youthful, without looking too baby-faced. She isn't wearing any makeup besides a bit of natural-shade lip gloss (a big change from other Bishoujo figures) and her eyes stand out nicely. I think it's the hair that really sets off the overall ensemble, but particularly her eyes when you're looking at just the head and bust like this.

As you could already guess, I definitely love what I'm seeing with this statue and can't recommend it enough to both fans of the character and fans of beautiful women. When we look at so many moe figures and stick-girls day in and day out, it makes me deliriously happy to see that statues like this exist, too. Power Girl is excellently executed and a great addition to the DC Comics Bishoujo line, soon to be joined by her pal Huntress! She'll make a great statue ensemble if you also happen to own Super Girl (reviewed: original | Evil ver.s) and/or Batgirl (reviewed: original | black costume ver.s) along with Huntress later on.

[Thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample!]

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