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Tomopop Review: DC Comics Bishoujo Huntress

4:00 PM on 12.28.2012 // Kristina Pino

Power Girl's gal pal is outta this world

We recently took a look at Power Girl (reviewed here), and now it's time to check out her pal Huntress as the DC Comics Bishoujo line continues.

When I look at this figure, my reaction is pretty much the same as with Power Girl's, or even Storm's (reviewed: regular | white costume) - this is 100% woman. As cute as most of these girly figures are, there's always a marked difference when we get to the older characters. They just have a different presence altogether, and they're usually much sexier.

Check out my full review below the cut.

Figure Name: DC Comics Bishoujo Huntress
Figure Maker: Kotobukiya
Retail: US$64.99
Available at: Koto US

Huntress' box is much the same as any other bishoujo statue box. It has the usual Shunya Yamashita art on it, and other pictures and information around the windows. The only big difference with this box is instead of a "coming next!" sort of teaser at the back, it actually just had a picture of Harley (reviewed) advertising she was out and available. Mysterious!

Once she's out of the box, Huntress is almost entirely assembled. All you really need to do is grab her pole, which comes apart at the middle, and close it over her right hand. Then you're all set!

Huntress has the same plain, black base that Harley and others have come with lately, and she's got one of her legs propped up on a statue like Batgirl (reviewed).

From the back, we can see her swishing over to the side along with her ample hair. The black base actually adds a nice reflective effect with the statue I can appreciate, too. It has a nice, sleek look to it despite my feeling the base could have just been smaller overall.

Helena's costume here has the belly window, which I have no problem with. It would have been nice to see her stomach molded to look a bit stronger, but as it is you can hardly see it if your figure is displayed at eye level or below because of the way her body is curved. Below the window we've got a utility belt (more images of that in the gallery) and the bottom of her costume as shorts.

The only real issue I have with the figure, and it probably isn't really an issue at all, is the molding of her breasts. I haven't decided yet whether or not I think they look good or weird. They've got this kind of "flop" to them that I can't quite wrap my head around, but it only looks weird from certain angles. For now, I'm just going to give them a neutral pass.

One thing I do quite like about her costume though, is the shimmery finish to it on all the purple. The shimmer is a nice touch that gives her the right overall look and emphasizes her body in a nice way.

Helena has these knee pads on over her tights and then they lead down to her boots. The molding is rather nice there and I even took an extra picture of the back of her left knee to emphasize it.

Helena's cape, of course, is also nicely molded to give it the movement of billowing over to the side. The white trim is solid and none of the paint has blemishes or bleeding.

The cape gives way to a nice view of Helena's butt, which is jutting out a bit behind her because of her pose. Again, nice molding and paint application as well as the nice quality and care taken with the utility belt to avoid paint transfer. It's a separate piece from her body, but it's not free-moving.

Helena's hair has the transparent PVC at the ends. As usual, I find it's a nice effect.

Finally, we've got her beautiful face. She has big eyes and lips under her mask with no blemishes or paint goofs to be seen. The color of her eyes is more subtle than I've seen in other figures, and she's got some hair flowing over the front of the top of her mask, there. The bangs frame her face rather nicely, I think!

Below her face there's also a look here at the front of her cape and chest.

Overall I feel that Huntress is another winner. She probably would appeal to collectors who may not necessarily be familiar with the character, though I suspect that her breast molding might be an issue for some. It doesn't even look horrendous -- it's just something that particularly picky folks might have a problem with. I can't imagine there'd be anything else to complain about here, though. Huntress features solid molding with an excellent paint job and a nice pose that goes along with the other Bat Family bishoujo figures.

The molding on her and Power Girl have a different feel to them, giving them both a bit more of an animated look than I've seen on other bishoujo figures. Of course, both of these figures were sculpted by GILL GILL, also responsible for the excellent sculpting on the recently seen Sigrid of the Thorn by Embrace Japan.

A big thanks to Kotobukiya for providing Tomopop with this review sample! Once all the winter holidays and vacations are over, I think it'll be time to take some pictures of Huntress pal-ing around with Power Girl and perhaps even Batgirl. I'm sure they'll all look fabulous together, and I wish I had Super Girl as well to complete the diorama!

Check out the gallery for more images that didn't make it into the body of this review, and be sure to leave your feedback in the comments below!

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