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Tomopop Review: COSPA's Anzu Stuffed Rabbit

4:00 PM on 03.21.2013 // Natalie Kipper

Oh God, the fluffiness!

Okay, I might not be one for social games, like Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, but I know a cute plush when I see one, and Anzu's stuffed rabbit certainly fits the bill. Let me tell you, one doesn't have to know the source material inside and out to appreciate a good toy (as I am sure many of you know). Read on to see what makes this plush a winner!

Plush Name: Anzu's Stuffed Rabbit
Plush Maker: COSPA
Retail: ¥3,800
Available at: HobbyLink Japan

Rabbit standing up

Anzu's Stuffed Rabbit stands at 16 inches tall (24 inches, if you include the ears). The Rabbit fits rather nicely in your arms. And, oh God, it is so very soft and fluffy! I swear I spent a good deal of time just sitting on my couch, hugging it.

Rabbit on its back

Rabbit profile shot

The toy isn't terribly thick; in fact, it was rather flat. It sort of reminded me of Disney's Pookalooz plushes (remember those?). All the same, it was stuffed enough that it didn't feel unsubstantial when hugged. 

Rabbit's hangtag

It also comes with a gorgeous hangtag attached to its tummy pouch (more on that in a second). I am sure I don't appreciate it as much as a fan of the series would, but I still love the colorful image on it. The tag is also pretty big, about 3 and a half inches, giving the picture plenty of room for detail.

Contrast stitching on the pouch

Inside the pouch

The tummy pouch is a fun feature. I noticed that you can also stuff the hangtag in there without any difficulty. I am also a big fan of contrast stitching on the front of it. The grey thread goes lovely with the mild pink of the plush's body.

Rabbit's butt

If you have read some of my other reviews, you know I am a sucker for a good tail and Anzu's Stuffed Rabbit has a great tail! It is of a good size so it fits right into your hand if you were to grab it. It's slightly overstuffed, too, so it is an absolute joy to squeeze.

Rabbit's feet

The plush's little legs aren't much to speak of. They dangle when you hold the rabbit up in the air. I am guessing that is due to the seams in between the actual appendages and the body. I don't mind it exactly; it's just an odd design choice, in my opinion.

Rabbit's face

The embroidery on the face is nice and thick. I couldn't find any loose threads or missed stitches. The design itself matches the picture on the hangtag. Beyond that I can't quite comment its accuracy since I have never seen the show.

wrapping up the review

If a person who has never played a single minute of Cinderella Girls can appreciate Anzu's Stuffed Rabbit, then I am certain a fan of the game will fall head over heels in love with it. I bet it would make a great cosplay accessory, too. In fact, I think this plush is a great choice for plush lovers and otaku alike. 

[A big thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing us with this review sample!]

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Natalie Kipper, Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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