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Tomopop Review: Beach Queens Yozora, Short Hair ver.

4:00 PM on 06.24.2013 // Kristina Pino

Bold hair cut, bold swimsuit

Though we report on the goings of Wave and their Beach Queens line all the time, it's actually been quite a while since we've reviewed any of them. Looking back at our archives, I didn't find a review more recent than one from 2011 written up by Brian of the two Toradora! girls Minori and Ami.

That means that this review isn't just about Yozora, but also about examining how the quality of the line has progressed over time. Read on for my full thoughts! 

Figure Name: Beach Queens Yozora Mikazuki, Short Hair ver.
Figure Maker: Wave (1/10-scale)
Retail: ¥3,990
Available at: HobbyLink Japan 

Yozora's box matches that of any other Beach Queens figure I've seen. The inside is an attractive shade of blue, and there's a nice, big window through which you can view the figure, which is well-protected in her plastic tray. 

Once she's out, you need only plug her into the base, which is the standard Beach Queens fare. She's got this confident pose working for her as she casually tosses her now-shortened hair. Though I was a fan of her long tresses, I like this newer look, too. 

There are only two (albeit minor) drawbacks with this figure when I think about my very first impressions. The first is that she isn't wearing her swimsuit from the anime's beach episode - the full body striped suit - and instead wears the fan service swimsuit. It isn't a huge problem, but honestly, the other one suits her personality more. The second problem is that her face is slightly down-turned. I'm not a fan of that in general, but looking on the bright side - she can be placed on a high shelf to look down over the rest of your collection in disdain. Sounds like something right up Yozora's alley. 

All things considered, I feel like the Beach Queens line has come quite a way. There's some decent sculpt-work here, right down to Yozora's torso and belly button under that swimsuit. It actually looks like a layer on top rather than painted on, and the finish gives it a nice shimmer.

From the back, she's just as nice. There's some clean work here, which is always praise-worthy when it comes to a strong color meeting at the seams with lighter or fleshier tones. There isn't a smudge or sign of transfer in sight. I couldn't ask for a cleaner execution. And do you see the sculpting on that booty?

Her nails on both hands and feet have this light pink or peach coloring to them. It's cute - a nice touch. In case you haven't seen a Beach Queens base before, the above picture of her feet will also serve the purpose of showing you - they're a light yellow color designed to look a bit like sand.

Yozora's hair is overall good-looking, unless you happen to be looking from the top. This is the one area where the quality really falls short in comparison to the solid execution everywhere else. The dreaded seam! But, I have good news. It looks way worse in this close-up image than it does in real life. It's actually not all that bad, and either way, you wouldn't be looking at it once she's joined your collection. 

As usual, I leave the faces for last. Again, there's some nice, clean work here. She's got a coy little smile on, and plenty of detail in her eyes. Everything here is executed perfectly according to her design. 

Should this figure be a part of your collection? If you're into swimsuit figures and you like Yozora, then yes. She isn't remarkable in terms of design if you're the type of collector that just goes for pretty things, but she's rather great if you're familiar with the material (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai). The price point isn't bad, and she's got some solid work put into her. This figure is only 1/10-scale, and with a not-huge base, should be a good fit on most shelves. 

As usual, make sure you mosey through the gallery to see images that didn't make it into the body of this review.

[Thank you to HobbyLink Japan for providing Tomopop with this review sample!]

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