Tomopop Review: Bandai's Chibi-Arts C.C.

4:00 PM on 10.23.2012 // Kristina Pino

Green hair, tiny kitty, delicious pizza

Though I can't say I was a big fan of Code Geass (despite being a huge CLAMP fan), I can't deny I've always loved the character designs. C.C. is definitely one of the cuter figure girls I've had the pleasure of playing with, and it's easy to see why. She was translated rather well into chibi form!

This figure is going to be given away for this month's contest, so if you're interested, hit the jump and check out my full review.

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Figure Name: Chibi-Arts Code Geass C.C.
Figure Maker: Bandai
Retail: ¥3,300
Available at: HobbyLink Japan

C.C.'s box is just about the same as all the other Chibi-Arts and S.H.Figuarts boxes that Bandai packages figures in. You've got the big window and some pictures of the figure. It's pretty straight-forward.

Once she's out of the box, her default expression and position is smiling with one arm over her knee and the other down towards the ground. Her lower body doesn't get any swaps, so she'll always be in this seated position. Since this is the case, she doesn't really need her base, either, though I've included a picture of it in the gallery.

C.C. has her long green hair cut in a V in the back. It ends up resting on the ground so posing can be a little tricky (it gets in the way). Since there's also some hair in the front, her movement is a bit limited, but you can still get creative.

Here I've got her with both arms swapped. The left hand there has a piece of the helmet attached, so you do have to remove an ear from it to have it in C.C.'s grip. Otherwise, the mask can be swapped with the kitty's head, here. Easy peasy.

By far one of the more amusing types of super-deformed figure faces is the sly, "joke's on you" face that a lot of them come with. C.C.'s is no exception here: she looks mischievous! As for her hand, I just re-posed the one that is meant to be resting on her knee. It makes for a good, "o-ho-ho-ho!" accessory, I think.

Besides the extra arms and the kitty and helmet, C.C. comes with a delicious (sadly, plastic) box of pizza and a third expression with pizza hand for the occasion. I like the look of pure enjoyment on her face, and the pizza hand is a half-arm swap that is compatible with the standard arm piece. It's the only one that is swapped from the elbow rather than the shoulder. Actually, it took me a minute to figure that one out. At first, I thought I was missing a part!

Alright, so you've seen all the good stuff — all of C.C.'s expressions and some standard posing. Now let's check out the details on her outfit.

The front is molded nicely and is appropriately ruffled up like it would be on anyone who is sitting down. It's plain white with some purple straps and such, which are cleanly detailed. There's also some silver paint on the buckles, down the front of the pant legs and along the side of the shirt which also are nice and clean.

The back is about the same, with just a tiny bit of sloppiness with the paint there on her collar. This isn't too much of an issue though, considering her hair pretty much blocks her entire behind. I can appreciate the detail work wasn't left out here.

Finally, here's a look at the various written-down expressions she comes with, as per usual with the Chibi-Arts line. There's a little stand for these, too, and you can have them up next to her with the appropriate pose for the quotation. As usual, I should mention that these speech bubbles are a nice touch.

And... there you have it! Nice and easy, because C.C. is a solid entry to the Chibi-Arts line by Bandai. If you're a fan of the character, it'd make an adorable addition to your collection, but otherwise she doesn't necessarily call enough attention to herself to be purchased unless you're really into girls with green hair. The one big drawback is her limited poseability because of her hair, but she is otherwise charming and fun to play with.

Thanks to HobbyLink Japan for providing us with this sample, and be sure to enter our month of October contest for a chance to win this figure for yourself!

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